The future starts today, not tomorrow. Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream. Many people out there are living in an environment filled with negativity yet they expect to lead positive lives. If there was no tomorrow is a book that will let you have your dreams bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings of failure because of the inspiration. You will realize your amazing potential, it will enable you to make wise choices and finally know that you are a great warrior in this world. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going you going.


If There Was No Tomorrow is not just an ordinary book but a motivational book authored by Kelvin Malusi Paul who is a former student of St. Charles lwanga-Kitui where he emerged the second best in the school and in the county with an A of 82 points, performance index 84.289 as indicated in the newspapers of  Tuesday 4th  March 2014 . He wants to inspire the youth and the society in general.


Kelvin is currently doing actuarial science in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. While still studying he has continued with his work of marketing his book and doing motivational talks. Kelvin has done several talks in Kitui county and Makueni County.


Over 300 copies of the book have been sold and you should be the next person to grab a copy. The book has received good comments and the most amazing comment “Kelvin you are writing as if you have lived for several centuries.” It is sold in the market at a throw away price so as not to lock out anyone in the society. It is an inspiring book whose blurb I quoted in the beginning of this article. It is a book that will renew your hopes and open your eyes to see the bright future ahead of you. In his preface Malusi says, “All along I have wished to address large audiences, I have longed to address congregations in different churches and places, I have that power in me that pushes me to greatness and I believe one day I will be great. Do not say am great and if I am, one day I will be greater than I am. I find so much joy when people gather to listen to me. I like speaking my mind, expressing my feelings, sharing my ideas, challenging people, motivating them and sharing the knowledge I have acquired so far. I like showing my friends the positive side of life.”


He puts it clearly that “the building blocks of my never dying hope is the future that lies before me”




From his own words, I can tell that he has a big dream ahead of him. You can reach out to him via

Face book: Kelvin Malusi Paul

Twitter: @2kelvinmalusi

Cell phone: 0729672522


Like his face book page Dreamers Team and Motivational Speakers.


No matter what you are going through, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things



By Kelvin Malusi

I have always known that education is meant to improve our lives and enable us to change for the better. Through education, we improve our reasoning and we can make better decisions in life. At the age 18 every Kenyan should have an ID which enables him/her to vote. Voting is one way of exercising democracy as Kenyan citizens. When election’s time comes all roads should be leading to the polling stations so that each one of us can cast his vote.

The other day I was surprised that some of the students did not turn to vote during the university elections. I do not see it right to mention the name of the university because the elections were free and fair, just that I did not like it when some decided to stay in their rooms and failed to vote. Whether I mention the name or not I believe my point will be driven home.

Some of the youngsters in primary schools and secondary schools are thirsting to have national identity cards and freedom but what is the need of having an identity card if you don’t know your democratic rights? Why cry and yearn for something you won’t make use of? Every day we complain about poor leadership in the country, in the counties, in our constituencies and in our student unions. I feel we should stop complaining about such leadership. These leaders did not put themselves in those leadership positions, someone somewhere voted for them.  Others went to vote leaving their neighbours asleep, a sure lee way to poor leadership. We keep crying that we need to change our leadership but some of us do not do it. Actions speak louder than words. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi


We should be proud as Kenyan citizens to exercise our democratic rights. It is one way of assisting the nation to change and improve. Apart from driving the economy and forming a large part of Kenyan consumers we should as well stick out during elections. During the student’s elections I felt I should vote because I have those democratic rights that someone else does not have. Moreover, if everybody decided not to vote who would vote? Hours later you would be complaining that the university did not organize the elections well or the university did not announce about it. If leaders are appointed by the senate you would open your mouths without engaging your minds shouting out loudly, “These are not the leaders we wanted.” Others saying, “It is the senate’s scheme to appoint leaders that they can control easily.”

In addition I a man who reasons, I would not be better than the dead if I failed to vote. Some of our late Kenyans in particular the deceased would be glad to vote. I am sure most of them would be overzealous to come out of their graves to cast their votes. These are people who know what it means by democracy. We should be better than the dead, we should be better than our great grandfathers.

I am always happy seeing my great grandfather going to a polling station every time there are elections, he is an old man driven by reason and understanding. Besides, we should not wait to be paid so as to vote neither should we vote as a way of seeking favours from someone. You may never know why funds are embezzled and mismanaged by our politicians. In these economic times nobody wants to waste his money thus some of them end up pocketing our money as a way of compensating what they used during the elections. As far as my vote is concerned it is not worth selling, it is valueless in terms of money but very significant when it comes to change, leadership and democracy.


Some receive this money from campaigners and fail to turn up to vote. You are not different from a robber. In fact a robber who robs in silence. We should be genuine and trustworthy. I always cry for justice, let us be just in everything we do. We should have that zeal and ambition that pushes us to do something that will change our society.  We should be ready to engage in charity and community work. We do not need to be paid for us to do somethings in life . We are too expensive to be paid to vote or campaign for someone.

I must admit that I supported and campaigned for several student leaders expecting nothing in return. There is a clique of students who always claimed that they need to be paid, of which I did not do. Others nagged me with questions if I am being paid and I said no. I had to tell them that I am doing it for free. I did not need any payment in helping my friends campaign. I also observed this type of people who will shout the name of the campaigner during the campaign time but they never turn up to vote; this is a wasted vote, wasted energy. Why should you preach wine and take water?

What was happening here in school is the same thing that happens in our national elections. We must wake up, be enlightened, reason and exercise our democratic rights. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” – Barrack Obama





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Its inspiring to move around and interact with the brightest minds in Kenya and beyond. Listening and seeing the youth rise with such vigour and passion with the goal of creating an impact in their society. offering hope to the hopeless. Unveiling opportunities  and unlocking the possibilities to those in total need… I’ve always believed that a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. and this is what keeps us going. Its what makes people great.

In  honour of those of us in the move to create a better, responsible  society, I had an opportunity to talk with a young visionary leader. the director of Kids Comp Camp. Mr. Caleb Ndaka.

Kids Comp Camp (Computer Camp) is an ICT-driven platform that seeks to front the spread of digital literacy amongst kids in rural and marginalized communities.

The main objective of the program is to impart digital skills as a vital life skill in this day and age to these disadvantaged yet able kids.

Along My conversation with Mr. Ndaka,  it dawned on me that, for any success we see and want to be part of , there is a story underlying. A story of passion, persistence, consistence and more importantly, patience. With this, everything is possible. I was quite inspired by the much they could do with the little resources they had. Galvanizing the support and seeing their vision turn real. I learnt that sometimes, its not about a pocket full of cash that gets it done but a heart full of love and care  and a hand willing to give. It brings great satisfaction seeing the young kids eagerly waiting for that time to touch and feel the magic of computers.

“In April 2014, we held our maiden Kids Comp Camp in Masii Township Primary School. The 3 day Camp ran over the Easter Weekend from 18th to 20th April 2014. Through this camp we were able to train 60 kids, ages 10 to 13.” Mr. Ndaka

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It was evident that most of us  don’t sometimes realize the opportunities around us. I’ve always believed that nobody is going to get it done for us.We have to be involved and act. We define the level of success we all want. Knowing this right, The Kids Comp Camp creates an opportunity for the youth to be great. To be part of the few whose actions creates an irrevocable brand of their personality. The opportunity to be a mentor of the future generation.

I personally believe that the most crucial asset in any human being is the ability to be dependable. The ability to be of help to somebody. The most basic idea of humanity is the feel of with reason. …and the moment you realize that this can be achieved through simple actions of servitude, that can be limitless. That’s the true pursuit of greatness.

With the vision to impart a million kids living in rural and marginalized communities in Africa with digital literacy as a vital life skill, Kids Comp Camp stands out as such an innovative approach to a social problem that we all fight and together, we shall build  the future Africa. A generation full of information, and with information comes power.With this power, We shall turn impossibilities to opportunities.


Its amazing that people understand that together, we have the power. Its a spirit that we should live with.Knowing that a man wrapped up by himself makes a very small bundle.

To the fellow youth, this is an initiative we wanna be  part of. Its a movement to bring the power of technology to those who only dream of it. Its an opportunity for us to manifest our ability to create change. We are all smart in our diverse talents and abilities.  and  the greatest opportunity we can all have is the power to brand ourselves through our actions. Lets be the change that we wanna see in the world.

Remember, a man aiming at nothing has a target he can’t miss. So don’t miss in action. Aim at the action.

I take this opportunity to honour Mr Ndaka and the Kids Comp Camp team. I owe you a cup of coffee!


An article of honour by Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2014




Bosire Onyi believes in a passion driven world. He believes that all people are meant to impart the world with hope in a manner that no other can. In the quest to motivate those who’ve taken the initiative to act and impart change to the world, He decided to Honer them by recognizing their Achievements.

He will Honer those doing things extra-ordinarily different.different. Onyi believes that if any meaningful change is to be made, we have to make the first step towards making the difference.  Just remember that those who’re crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do.