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Developing Skills for the Digital Economy

The digital economy is solely a golden opportunity for Africa to leapfrog and lead all other continents into the a more sustainable development. It’s a ripe market full of opportunities, especially in infrusturecture, water , food, logistics etc.
Most digital products have been built for 2 billion consumers leaving 5 billion offline market (majority in the developing countries). That’s a huge market! The biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs is to leverage on digital technologies to deliver services to the next 5 Billion. When you see entrepreneurs that are organizing these market, they are laying the foundation for the future unicorns.



With all the excitement of the youth, and hyping of entrepreneurship to look like a one hit and run jackpot, there needs to be a voice to calm the hype around entrepreneurship and tell the true story. The perseverance it calls for. The resilience and persistence it calls for and the consistence one needs to nurture a business. There needs to be an alternative voice to tell the youth that, securing funding and investment for your idea is never a breakthrough but just a sign of people’s confidence in your idea. It’s just a sign of the willingness of the people to take the risk with you. But as the saying goes, people will want to ride with you in the limousine but not in a bus once your limousine breaks down. It’s the start of building a foundation of the Eifel tower in the murky, swampy and unstable land. You are the the bearer of the vision, guard it amid all the excitement!