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Knowledge remains one of the biggest challenge preventing modernisation of smallholder farming in Africa. By improving knowledge dissemination to these farmers, we increase their ability to be economically attractive, able to make better decisions and reduce production risks!



You are young today, and old tomorrow, then helplessly aged in a few years. What have you invested for your future generation? Not wealth but in terms of values, principles and virtues. What is your legacy , or your contribution to being human and being African…
We have trained our eyes to look out for our next victim of manipulation and coercion, so that we can take advantage of them, and toss to their ignorance! – Yet our fore fathers lived with the virtues for ages, without losing grip of the priceless virtues for posterity.


We love to Act foolish, so that we can feel secure by just a mere pat on the back from the western powers for our most silly things we do. We love to act so desperate so that all the attention in the world is directed to us, We love just receiving for all the bad reasons. We let our very own to starve to death so that we can receive aid to save our own. We kill and displace our very own so that we “Attract Aid ” and recognition from the “selfishly Caring” international community.
We love it when our brothers and sisters tear in pain and cry helplessly as we drive bullets, machetes and arrows into their flesh!
We feel happy ruining our economies, burning down flourishing businesses, and even disrupting transport so that our first door neighbour weeps and joins the league of the “poor and begging”.

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    I envision a world of equity, driven by the basic principles of humanity, care, togetherness and peaceful coexistence.
    A world where leaders are defined by their passion to action, to empower their people.
    A world of countries whose strength isn't measured by sophistication of their armory but peacefulness among its citizenry.


    We all have different perspectives of understanding the world, ... but the one thing that defines our path is ability to see opportunities, and create possibilities, even when it seems almost impossible. that's what great people do. They never lose hope, they create a reason to believe in their abilities and redefine the status quo.

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