Human beings are special creatures indeed…
one of the uniqueness lies in the ability to create a vision, and strategically lay carefully chosen procedures to enable them realize their dream. We always seek justification to why we’re doing what we’re doing and of greater interest, we seek for a motivation to keep our fires burning and give us the psych and morale to keep pressing on wherever things go haywire.

So what’s your motivation?
looking around, most of our motivation arises from three aspects.
-the urge to pursue our passion
-the fear of being called a loser(High Affinity for success)
-the wish to Fit into the world’s competition(acting to outshine your Peers)

with a lot said about passion in the previous posts, I’ve decided to talk of the remaining two self-motivational aspects that we unknowingly end up signing up to with pretty much ease..


These are aspects that shape our courses. They form a large portion of our menus from which we select how, when and where to begin our journey to prosperity.

How many times have you found yourself doing something because somebody has done it?
People often say that “if someone did it,then you can also do it… ,may be even better.” Unfortunately, nobody tells you that you can also do it worse!

when you live by the rules of competition, you’re bound to work under the stimulation of your perceived challenger. You’ll be under the spell of dogma(being under the influence of other people’s results). It only means that if they can’t do it, you can’t even attempt it …

With competition, you can’t realize your potential. You’ll be consistently behind somebody, chasing them indefinitely, till you shun your beautiful vision while they’ll be smiling hugging theirs!
And like a bodyguard in a chase car, you’ll have accomplished your task… Overseeing safe arrival of your boss!
On rare cases, competition may drive you to greatness, at this point,all that matters is sustainability on that competitive platform.You become a glorious star that fades away in the span of darkness.!(just escorting the bright sun from rise to set, yet you disappear in the mildest darkness).

Human beings are competitive in nature . over time I’ve tried to study the yields of these competitions and believe me, they’re all nonsense!
competition pulls us apart.
when you select competition as your chosen path of travel, you’re bound to fall below your capabilities. I can promise you misery and hard toil to reach near your perceived competitor’s place. it’ll be a rough and worthless course with no fulfilment.
May be am sounding harsh but its the bitter truth.
Society has rules and one of the many rules is that “if he did it you can do it too”
these has led to a competitive lifestyle ,with many people losing themselves, their talents, their unique abilities in the name of outshining their competitors. Why don’t we capitalize n diversity?
why do we want to pull our short fingers till they break away, because that’s what competition is all about!
Its not about doing what others have done, rather doing what you want and can do…Right away!!

Success:(end never justifies the means.)
My take is pursue excellence rather than success. here is the reason.
Excellence is better than success. Excellence is the true manifestation of your abilities. Success is a manifestation of your quest for superiority despite of it landing you way below/above your abilities… which then implies a stressful life full of misery and un-sustainability!
The fear of losing to your competitor becomes a nightmare.your life becomes full of nightmares!

Success driven actions are never something worth encountering . When the quest for success controls your action, then the end justifies the means.

at one point in life, we’ve found ourselves whispering these cliché, “I’ll do anything to get that …”
To me, this seems a desperate sentiment!
when you care less about the means and processes, your dignity, principles and visions fade away. To you, its a matter of life and death, success or failure! … and as we all know, at the face of death, the worth of everything fades away. All you do is lick people’s feet in the hope of getting to wherever you want to consider yourself successful.

… after losing dignity in such a humiliating manner, the ‘Selfless ‘ nature of humankind lays weight on your already feeble shoulders. the basic law of ‘selflessness’ dictates that we should perceive everybody as your competitor in the eyes of humanity, and like any race, never let them ahead of you! …
You end up being an iconic loser, with no dignity, no principles, no integrity. a miserable life indeed!

so my urge to you is:
your life is too short to waste time living someone else’s life,
don’t be swayed by other people’s undertakings, Don’t live by other people’s results , vision or principles. you are,and shall remain special.and your uniqueness shall be manifested in your ability to counter the already created standards. Don’t shy away from your uniqueness.the power of any brand lies not in the age or similarities but that one thing that makes it unique. so be unique and be a brand that shall stand forever!



You’re at your best with your passion.


not all that soothes the heart suites you!
sometimes, you got to let the mind take control and separate between flatter and reality.


If sbody knows more than you, you’ll never be better than them.


If you cared what everyone else thought, you’d be just like everyone else, and there’s already too many of them…


But still keep in mind that passion shall dictate the intensity of your action!


You can complain
because rose
bushes have
thorns, or rejoice
because thorn
bushes have roses.


Success, failure, hope


Teach him to sell his brown and brain to the highest bidders, but never to put his price tag on his heart and soul.!


Successful people are those who knocked the most feared doors.