THE UGLY STATE OF THE KENYAN GOVERNMENT (only the presidential PR team seems to work) 30/05/2016

Am saddened by the state of the Kenyan government! Any rational Kenyan can feel the economic and political heat rising, and when the economy becomes unbearable, people manifest their aggressiveness. Worse things happen when those in government manifest cowardice at such times.

It’s worrying that huge employers like Uchumi, Kenya airways and many others are barely surviving, thanks to the poor performance and mismanagement. Banks in the country are facing hard times, marked by the high interest rates, while others like Imperial Bank, Dubai Bank facing extinction. Even some of the largest banks like Barclays promising job cuts and exit within the next two years, yet we still stand heads up saying that Kenya’s economy is in the right direction. It’s NOT. Should we blame this on global recession and just move on?

All I can predict are more private sector players falling or exiting the Kenyan market, leaving more Kenyans unemployed. Even the big government projects that promised great opportunities for Kenyans, especially the unemployed youth, are all flopped, or being dragged and escalating to whole new financial scandals thanks to corruption. The likes of Konza technology city, JKIA expansion through the Green field terminal, Lamu port and the entire Lapset project etc. are becoming fairy-tales. Even Rwanda and Uganda, one of Kenya’s warmest friends considering to do business with Tanzania, thanks to the sluggish implementation of the oil pipeline and Standard gauge Railway projects in Kenya. The so called coalition of the willing, hyped by this government is seemingly dying leaving Kenya in an awkward diplomatic situation.

It’s surprising that Kenyans are so resilient and hardworking, feeding the government with taxes to implement these projects, yet all we see is wastage of these hard earned money. It’s by design that citizens of a government should live because of the very government they create, unfortunately, in Kenya, the citizens have to live despite of the government, which is always frustrating its people. Driving Kenyans deeper into debt.

As an entrepreneur, I share the grievances of fellow entrepreneurs working so hard to create solutions to our challenges and creating employment to the over 60% of the unemployed young people in the country. We rely on the government to create a conducive environment to thrive businesses. However the case is quite different with our government, and like most African governments, this government is quick to tax than create systems that enable their citizens to thrive and improve their livelihoods.

It’s a government that raises the hopes of people, marred by the high sense of public relations acts, investing immense resources to paint itself the best, yet, no actions are taken to deliver on their words. Instead, they try to shut anything or anyone who might attempt to criticize their actions.

It’s with great displeasure that we have a government that breaks its own policies and laws. Recently, with blessings from the president, the Minister for finance gave austerity orders preventing the executive and government departments from “wasting” money on unnecessary expenditures, including the presidency, which was one of the biggest spenders, To date, the presidency has broken the record by spending over 700 M extra on hospitality and travels.

The state of corruption is at its worst, Billions of the hard earned taxpayer’s money going to people’s pockets. Money meant to empower the many unemployed youth through National Youth Service (NYS) and Youth Enterprise Development Fund being wasted by the old guards within the government. It’s my believe that a government that does not invest in the youth is a government headed for a big crush. Especially at a point when the very government is forced to increase its budget by over 4Billion to cater for pension plans of the massive retirees expected to surge within the next 5 years.

It’s shameful that 90% of the government appointments especially to the most influential and critical positions are preserved for the old political or strategic allies, most of whom are retirees, yet millions of young people lie helplessly waiting for the gods to intervene. We often cry that our youth lack experience yet we deny the very youth the opportunities to learn. We cry so much when our young people join gangs and inhumane cults to earn a living yet we love seeing them lie idle and beg for jobs. My worry is that a decade from now, when most of the old guards are gone, Kenya shall remain in the hands of the inexperienced young people, who never had the opportunity to know anything about running an economy.

We have a government investing so much on security and armoury to fight terrorists. What we don’t realize is that we are investing so much to fight our own young people. All the radicalized youth that take innocent lives of others are young Kenyans desperate and tired with their government. We need to set priorities right and invest in the unemployed youth or we will be forced to invest much more to fight the growing time bomb of youth radicalization against their own government.

A government founded on lies will remain a liability to its people, and by so it becomes a liability to itself. Leadership is based on truth not PR quests and political conveniences, the truth is, Kenyan economy is headed for tough times.

Kenya is on the runway, ready for a take-off, but how can an economy take off when its young people are becoming hopeless by the day? How can we ever take off when our education system is so rotten that we prefer cheating to knowledge, all we love are fancy academic papers and titles with no skills. We ought to learn that a strong economy is founded on skilled labour not learned labour, and a stable political system that supports and never kills dreams.

It’s time for systems change, beginning from governance, to change of our very own mind-sets and perceptions on how to grow an economy.




BITTER SUGAR or BITTER GOVERNANCE (August 21st 2015: the sugar deal crisis after Uganda state visit)
When we are busy following the political rhetoric around the sugar sector, some people are sitting in lavish hotels eating and drinking as they watch frogs “we the poor voiceless citizens” yell in pain. .. Quite interesting that frogs can’t scare
bulls from taking water! Others already see it as golden moment to seize back political relevance in a region they almost “lost” grip on.

Whether a deal was signed or not is subject to discussion, until the government comes out clear on the same, otherwise all the politics around the sugar saga is justified. A secretive government can never win trust of a democratic nation. A country as beautiful as Kenya, a country with democratic vibrancy and learned elites cannot afford to make gross mistakes that hamper its own quest for the economic independence under the vision 2030. Industrialization is key to our vision, key to our youths through job creation.

When Kenya sought the protection of COMESA against cheap sugar from our neighbours, it did so with the interest of the troubled sugar industry in Kenya. I believe this was meant to allow the baby sugar industry be on its feet to easily compete in the global scene. There are more than 600,000 farmers who directly rely on sugarcane farming to earn a living in Kenya, with several thousands in western Kenya employed within the sector. I tend to agree that the sector has not performed despite of the COMESA agreements to protect the local Kenyan sugar industry. .. But my blame still goes  back to the government.
The Kenyan tax system has made it difficult for any local manufacturing plant to operate, constantly engaging them in wrangles and fights whether genuine or not, all this fuelled by malice from individual cartels who manipulate government systems. The system has ensured that the Kenyan produced commodities can’t compete even at its own local market, let alone their neighbourhoods. Cartels have conspired to ensure that all local manufacturing firms operate on losses which can only be compensated through exorbitant selling prices to the consumer, thus keeping the Kenyan market off their hooks. Cartels have made it sure that they first hold the government close in their fists, to ensure that they elusively evade tax at our ports and borders, to ensure that whatever they import into Kenya becomes the most affordable. It remains an accepted Mystery that sugar produced in Kenya can be expensive than what is imported to Kenya.
Why are we Kenyans killing our own industries? Is it not because greed? We Kenyans must know that our leaders’ interests are far away from the interests of this nation. I personally take on the president, He recently went on a state visit to Uganda, which is a welcome decision by us the citizens. Unfortunately, the president has allowed any rational Kenyan to interpret the visit differently…. That he decided to use such an important visit to enrich trade ties aimed at increasing the market for “his” Brookside milk- a sign of utmost greed, all at the expense of the local sugar millers…. Why can’t the Kenyan government allow local manufacturers to thrive? Must the only companies standing be affiliated to them, killing anybody else’s?
Looking at what is happening to Keroche and Mastermind industries in the current tax rows and KRA licencing, the Government agencies and operatives are determined to make them sleep flat, just like they did to Mumias sugar, Webuye
pan-paper among others…. Deliberately keeping eyes off the fact that these are some the biggest corporate tax payers we are proud of as a country, and some of the biggest employers we have in Kenya.Why can’t we be proud of our own Made In Kenya brands and allow them to thrive?
The government of the day has a strategy, a strategy to amass wealth for the few individuals in it, and create monopolies to contain the market. They have learned to be double edged swords, killing multiple birds with one stone. Unfortunately, unsuspecting citizens are the birds being killed. Not even the opposition is objective. They also have a strategy to remain relevant, believing that anything that works for them is worth the short, as far as each tickling second gives them a name and a win!

Lets be critical here, Prior to the state visit to Uganda, the president gave hope to the suffering sugar-cane farmers by
promising a bailout plan for the biggest sugar manufacturer in the country, With his outstanding PR technique, he wowed all the sugar-belt parliamentarians to unanimously endorse his actions and pour praises on his administration. This left the opposition feebly trembling, desperately looking for ways of hitting back hard! Instead of continuing to support the industry, the president goes ahead to create “a good relationship” with Uganda, to iron out issues among them on sugar importation from Uganda to Kenya, making it easier for cheap sugar to find its way to the Kenyan Market, “an act of sabotage to the already collapsing sugar industry” – I call this hypocritical and ill timed. In Exchange, Uganda promised to allow some
selected goods to access the Ugandan Market, this included beef and milk. Keeping in mind that Brookside, the biggest milk products firm in Kenya, recently announced expansion plans to capture the Ugandan Market. I believe any rational Kenyan can read this as mischief, that Uhuru’s visit was painted as a State visit, but in real sense, it could be a business trip to the country, at the capacity of a major share-holder, to negotiate for easy access to the Ugandan market in tandem with Brookside’s expansion plan.
It’s unfortunate that the president has allowed us, the Kenyan citizens, to read this as mischief in the public eye, trading state interests with personal business interests. I believe leadership goes beyond individual interests, already the hungry, angry, impoverished Kenyans have done their part, The jobless youths sweating and struggling daily in the face of  hopelessness to ensure that they pay their taxes, to ensure that you- the president, and your fellow political class earn in millions and cater for all your presidential privileges, lavish and prestigious lifestyles, including the state visits and  international trips you and your people make.
The impoverished Kenyans have done their part in the glaring face of death to help fellow Kenyans like Jadudi fight Cancer. Kenyans in their small ways have contributed and stood to the last minute as fellow citizens fight cancer, even at their death-beds, they are still willing to help. .. Yet still, all they receive from their own government are false hope to revive local
industries for jobs, hope that are almost shuttered immediately after the media cameras capture the promising moments. Hope that fades away just after receiving heart-warming claps from desperate Kenyans. Kenyans have learnt to use social media to help one another, but your presidency has learnt to use it to propagate false hope that is never sustaining. Give us real Hope !

Mr President, we need leadership, and this goes beyond your PR and a vibrant PSCU. Indeed one of the key pillars of leadership is communication which you’re excellent in, but staying truthful and dependable when Kenyans give a crying call for action is what you’ll need to heal the hearts of suffering Kenyans and millions of youths trying hard to get jobs. Let it be known to all our political leaders that, all the riches they have, all the thriving businesses empires and all the billions they are worth, all these were acquired through the sweat of Kenyans, All the large tracts of land under individual titles are the course of our ethnic fights we’ve often experienced. Not even your tribesmen can isolate themselves from the poverty and impoverishment. We are all Kenyans and you are here to serve Kenyans Not to Eat from Kenyans!
Long Live Kenya!
An article of national concern by Brian Bosire Onyi.

Jr Sen. Nyamira county


FOR THE NYAMIRA COUNTY YOUTH (16/05/2015 Machakos County Tour– Lessons worth sharing)
Yesterday I had a toured Machakos county where together with the  Youth Senate – Kenya , we interacted with the youth of Machakos. I commend Dr. Alfred Mutua for the great job he’s done for his county, and knowing how to communicate his milestones to the people. Investing in youth oriented facilities and creating opportunities for youth empowerment, Something I wish H.E JOHN NYAGARAMA,Governor,Nyamira County. could do through The Youth, Gender and Sports docket.

Listening to the young vibrant leaders, I learned that the youth have the power and abilities to shape the destiny of our counties and country. Its nature’s desire that with majority comes the supreme privilege of dictating the state of things. The youth in Kenya and Africa are the majority age group. Youths are the most educated, most energetic and most in population. We have an upper hand to lobby and push for greater better things for us and our society, not to be used and promised a future yet we have all it takes to fully control our present. We only need to be confident, stay informed and let the best of us shine upon the world.I was amazed by the innovative youth able to capitalize opportunities available, Great Minds like Larry Sounds Entertainment creating talent opportunities for the musically talented youth. These are the few who interpret a ‘NO’ as “Next Opportunity” rather than a source of hopelessness. The few who know that being “POOR” is “Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly”, and that whatever small we have is not a sign of scarcity but the greatest asset to push you to the next level. We don’t have to wait for the right circumstances, we create them. We need to learn not to conform because conformity brings complacency and keeps us poor.

Are we, the youth in Nyamira not innovative or entrepreneurial ?

We all need to understand that being youthful is the plateau stage of our lives. Our energy, our brain power, our visions and dreams, our aspirations, all these are at their maximum, you’ve got to utilize them lest you regret as you slide down the curve of life, as your energy fades away, your brain-power corrodes, your visions become blurred and your aspirations become unattainable fantasies.

The world is constantly asking you one question before presenting an opportunity, WHAT DO YOU HAVE? but most youth spend time asking the world, WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR ME? As the youth we ought to showcase what we have, and open our eyes to see the numerous opportunities the world presents. If you have nothing, you deserve nothing. If you become reckless, the world presents recklessness to you.
… opportunities don’t just come, they are a manifestation of patience, persistence, consistence and Courage. They are neither a manifestation of your good papers or luck, go an extra mile and present your uniqueness.

Lets think beyond today and live for tomorrow.

Jr Senator Nyamira County


MY TAKE ON THE 1/3 GENDER RULE (09/05/2015- Kenya)The best way to prepare a man for the future is to first let them taste fish then teach them how to fish. They will forever appreciate the taste of fish.Women are the makers of the nation.Our African culture has empowered the women to the extent of overburdening them with “too much” responsibilities to ensure that homes stand firm and provide the best environment, physically and psychologically to grow a family.Its true that we need a new taste in leadership, especially now when we , the African men leaders are proving to be quite generous with our egos, and grown hard hearted that we less care or listen to the helpless voices and cries of our nations.However, I must declare that Affirmative action over the last decade has tried to push women out of the kitchen to the public life to take up public responsibilities, but too much of these affirmative action has weakened the female gender.We have to agree that female leadership is rather a cultural issue than a debatable political concern, and it takes time to change culture.My great old friends can attest that anything that comes on a silver plater always sublimes fast before you even enjoy its taste, no matter how good looking it can be. But lucky are you if you learn to earn your meal, and learn to buy the silver plate to serve the meal with.
This makes the meal tasty and gives a more sense of ownership, acceptance to ones abilities and heightening self esteem.I’ve worked with ladies, who most of the time, we can’t stand or match their brilliance, but where do they grow to? I expect these sharp minds to take on the men dominated politics and Change Kenya and Africa! We need you.The essence of affirmative action is not to provide leadership titles to women, but rather trigger a new wave of energy from within and show them that indeed they can get their own. But what do we expect when even the “freely given” posts are taken for granted by the very women? The nominated and appointed get entangled in the politics of the day, often dancing to the tunes of the manipulative leaders, forgetting to empower fellow women and show them the way?What makes great leaders is not titles but the vision they have for a people, and what earns them the titles is how strong they believe in their vision and how good they can communicate the vision to create multitudes to support their course.

There is more than allocating “free” positions for our women and adding the burden to the already desperate overworked insecure citizen. We made the laws, and we can change them. let women learn to earn positions rather than receive them, and let the already existing women leaders know that they have a role to empower their fellow women, not just stay imbecile.

Lets teach our women how to fish not bring them fish on the table, yet we expect them to go fishing.



AFRICANS! AM PROUD OF US . . .(04/05/2015 –  Burundi, South Africa)
(Xenophobic attacks and Burundi protests)
I stand for the well being of fellow Africans. We Africans cry of democracy, where every voice and murmur matters,…where sometimes even the most irrelevant ones must have a place.

How I wish that we use the most basic aspect of human, Learning from experience , to silence our egos and selfishness at times that call for sobriety!
What is happening in Burundi is uncalled for!
The still continuing Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, of which slowly, we’re shelving and taking them to be a Norm.

Our Economic blocks, SADC, EAC, ECOWAS, and our very own Pan African AU still not coming out to do something and execute their mandate to ensure a peaceful developing Africa.

Its sad that we take baby steps forward and giant strides back. All Africans lived under the hash colonial rule, they fought and shed blood for freedom, Africa was bleeding!
We are free now, but freedom to do what? To kill fellow Africans and Steal from them wherever we Can?
To clinch power and Swear that only a Death certificate shall guarantee removal from office!
To be manipulated to run to the streets with machetes and other imported weapons?

Kenyans learnt from this, and I hope we shall never be back there again.

President Nkurunziza has the stature of a knowledgeable and wise man… and his party, the National Council for the Defence of Democracy–Forces for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD-FDD) Should stand by their Name.

Once again, I say, AFRICA LETS THINK.

Bosire Onyi


MY TAKE ON GARISSA ATTACK. (02/04/2015 – Kenya)

Today , I end my day a disturbed young man. Sincerely,where does the spirit of terminating the lives of the brilliant young men and women come from? I believe the most basic and fundamental role of each human being is to protect life, Even the “Brain-less” animals and the less in the pyramid of life know that life has to be sustained NOT taken. I decree the Attacks on innocent students in Garissa today Morning. The Killers MUST know that life is a sacred gift given to each individual to fulfil a purpose, and sure enough, that purpose is never to Take away another life! If they Kill,They deserve Death too!

I retaliate the very question I’ve always asked myself, are other people not Human? This is beyond religion, because religion itself is a means of enhancing human faith towards sustaining life. The essence of humanity is to do what you ought others to pass on to you. If you Kill, sure you need to be pursued and face it too.

When these Societal misfits decide to invade Kenyan institutions and take more than 147 young lives, they have robbed the Nation and Africa at large a treasure, and as a young leader, I believe that not only should they Pay for their blood but their terminated future too.
Inflicting sharp painful memories in the survivors and parents with high hopes and expectations is inhuman!
Before their dirty doctrines they need to know they are somebody’s son, a father, a husband FIRST!

To My fellow citizens, we have a role to impart sanity in all the corrupted brains, who might trip into the trap of radicalization. We need to embrace togetherness as human beings first before being together in the fellowship of religion and radical ideologies. We need to shade off the attitudes “holy wars” for our selfish existence. This world needs sanity, RIGHT AWAY.

To the government, you hold the second blame after the killers. Its the constitutional right of every Kenyan to be protected and indeed feel protected. Security is not a political tool to joke around with. I wish to remind the government bosses that whereas you have armoured vehicles, and bullet proof vests around you, which we,the citizens, sacrifice so much to buy you, We citizens lie on the floor cloth-less in the cold nights, bleeding on the ground.
Whereas we listen to your chase car sirens all-over town holding us back into the traffic jam, we are tired of ambulance sirens every now and again approaching us when lying dying and pleading as we bleed to death.

All this sacrifices we make for you call for utmost responsibility. Sacrificing our meals in days to pay huge taxes, avoiding the luxuries of life so you could stay in an ample environment in state-house or leafy suburbs. all this is NOT in vein. All we demand is security.
Today’s happenings are neither first of their kind in the Kenya, Numerous attacks on innocent lives have taken place, Haven’t you learnt your lessons?

Are you NOT tired standing and boring the public with empty promises, Are you not coming out of self denial that security in Kenya is poor? That most security systems are pooled in and around the capital to protect the rich and Might forgetting the poor and humble in Northern Kenya, Coast and the likes?

For the sake of the sacrifices Kenyans undergo for you,
For the sake of that poor mother back in a village, whose only hope was a son/daughter now dead in campus,
For the sake of the ailing grandmother in the village sacrificing all she can to see her grandchildren live their dreams,
For the sake of the poor boy who struggled to support his siblings only to receive a bullet in the head,
Leave the comfort zone and do something “radical” against the already radical and inhuman Killers.
Please, Do something Your people are losing hope.


JR. Sen. Nyamira county


The Citizens of Kenya
Uhuru Kenyatta
Raila Odinga
William Samoei Ruto
Joseph Kasaine Ole Nkaissery
Youth Senate – Kenya



As the youth, we say NO to oppression, we say NO to intimidation, we say NO to forced loyalty because we Know that we have the POWER. We know our rights and freedoms, and further concious of our brain power.

We get charged when we see our lives being indebted my malice and ignorance, with no vision for our beautiful generation. We get angered by the myopic decisions made by un-respectable people holding positions that call for respect.

We shall not take an undertaking at a time when us the youth, and the great people of Nyamira County languish in poverty. We shall not compromise our values when the very leaders we elected hire goons to silence whoever raises voice against the ills they perpetuate.

As the youth, We make a clear call to our governor H.E JOHN NYAGARAMA,Governor,Nyamira County. to claim the title EXCELLENCE in truth and action. As long as We stay at our homes jobless watching nepotism take root, our anger shall grow, and our muscles shall be flexed, to react to poor governance.

As long as we don’t see our 30% entitlement in government opportunities, we shall not pull back. As long as we see our ageing parents grow hopeless for the future as they watch their children/youth despair, we shall raise voices higher and higher.

We shall do all these not because we hate our leaders but because we love our promised future for both the county and nation at large.
We want that hopeless youth somewhere in the village to be empowered with reason to hope for a better future, To believe in collective vision for a better county.

We want that ageing father or mother in the dusty and muddy village to get access to a better road to sell his/her produce, not irrigation. We want the bright kids languishing in poverty to have access to the burseries in a fair manner to rekindle the hope of Nyamira county.

All we ask Bwana Governor is not too much, we need a welcoming ear to listen not a waiting fist to hit us by the face, because a fire calls for more fire and understanding calls for exactly that.

God bless our redemption journey.

Jr. Sen Nyamira County.



Over the last week, I’ve spent time with great friends, And as always, there’s a new possibility unveiled, clearer vision conceived, and a better understanding of our challenges.
As a leaders, learning remains the best avenue to inspire vision, and trigger execution .
Opportunities are all over. I always feel bad,almost helpless, seeing resigned faces of the youth, acting desperate, with no hope, no vision and no dreams.
I tell you, your education isn’t enough, and at no point shall your volumes of papers provide a livelihood for you!Know one thing, “NO JOBS”, is an attitude of losers.
As someone once said, formal education can make you a living, but personal education will make you a fortune.
You create reason for recognition. Maybe we should ask ourselves what’s in us that sparkles to outshine others? is’t your polished talent?, your outstanding character? or your extraordinary rotten behaviour!!!!
People are attracted by the virtues in you, and repelled by the vices.
You decide to magnify your vices yet you expect us to be proud of you… NO!!!!!
What makes great successful people is the beauty of their brains. they’re always ready to learn and teach themselves to stretch an extra mile. They add value not degrade themselves through uncouth risky behaviour (Drunkenness, weed smoking, petty everlasting lust )
Successful people will always be in demand, they create reason for recognition.

My urge to fellow YOUTH. we have brains. we deserve better, and we hold the future of any nation.
BUT we hold our future in our Brains. Let’s create positive image worth standing by. IT’S OUR TIME but IS IT YOUR TIME!?
avoid group thinking, saying WE did it when others succeed. Be a reason for YOUR own success and proudly say I DID IT. Its through your success that others shall be inspired to spread the fire. You might be the only ‘bible’ some people ever read. Don’t lose hope.


ONYI on land
I break My silence with rather a disturbing subject. Today’s demonstrations against land grabbing. Its not a new of its kind, We have time and again witnessed land grabbing at all levels of government, with out any of the four regimes standing an exception.
Its quite unfortunate when some of the most powerful offices in the country perpetuate such a selfish act of desperation and endless hunger towards feeding their unending needs to boost their ego.I feel disturbed hearing some of these egocentric self proclaimed leaders in the name of democracy, practice allure-ring gestures of being philanthropic, when they are busy taking away the small left for the poor, and the future generation to come.I still believe that cohesion among Kenyans, peace and love as a nation shall remain a fantasy unless the land issue is solved amicably. Its quite absurd for somebody to be called a LEADER when all you do is push the poor to a poorer state. You only deserve to be called a sadist, because all you do is kill the beautiful vision ahead of us, pushing the people to a retaliatory mood, killing each other and tear-gassing whoever cries the most.I strongly appeal to the Government, civil society and the nation as a whole to be sober on this land issues, As long as we might try to be evasive, Land issues contributed a great deal to the sad incidents of 2007 election aftermath., People are dying all over, from Lamu, Tana River, even recently ,some peaceful places including Kisii/ Narok county boarder.This land issue has both tribal and class dimensions. Its is an escalating war between the poor and the rich in our urban areas, and a war of tribes all over Kenya, both pastoralists and farmers. All we need is not a blanket solution to shut down whoever raises alarm.
We Know our top most government officials are ever involved in this land scandals, little do I expect them to solve it amicably. They own Kenya.
But as a warning, Sooner than later, the poor will have nothing to eat but Eat the RICH.
Its high time we stopped being intimidated of losing the vast lands we entitle ourselves and focused more on equitable sharing of our national property, without selfish interests ahead of our thinking.Signed
Uhuru Kenyatta
William Samoei Ruto
Raila Odinga
The Kenyan Cabinet and Perliament

I’m saddened this morning as I wake up in Kitui County.
Uhuru is slowly erroding his name. The worst part of presidency is when your name and personality as president becomes an insult to you. Because then you become reactive.
I have to tell you Mr. President that the Moi or your dad Kenyatta’s tactics won’t work! They lived in the isolation of Technology, when the ultimate voice was from VoK.
When people could be massacred and VoK (KBC) could be instructed to read the official gvt statement, and play uzalendo songs to dupe Kenyans that all is well, when all threats were countered by propaganda and sudden missing of persons,
when the only freedom of the media was to follow the presidential order. But Kenya has changed.
Mr. President you claim to be youthful (youth @50), I know you even take selfies and instantly share them to millions of your followers. Do you need KBC under your spell anymore to tell people what you do daily in ‘kujenga nchi’? I follow your Facebook /tweeter to know your nitty gritties.
I only watch TV once daily, does all these news and propaganda spread via The Nation/Standard etc (which I hear you use to wrap meat)
Media has changed. One thing that can’t be dictated upon is Information. I wish your wisdom could guide you to sensitize Kenyans on responsible information sharing.
Mr. President you’re digital enough to know this. Before Any BIG media shares pictures or stories, They’re already in circulation. You don’t compete with technology, you use it to work for you. Your PR is good and I know you could work less without media. Trying to shut Media “worst decision from a man of wisdom like you”. Trying to curtail freedoms, another bold step to failure. It shows an intimidated presidency.It’s now Law, But bad law. But you’re a digital government, leading wise digital youth in digitize development. You won’t keep us in the dark . We no longer need TV or. Newspaper to share information, all we need is internet anonymity for a tweet to let millions of Kenyans know the truth. I thought you learned from the smoking westgate. Insecurity shall remain unless you stop fighting Kenyans rights to information as a blanket action to cover the failures of the systems. Engage Kenyans in resourceful conversation not dictatorial orders and Kenya shall flourish with positive conversation. When you show anger to your opponent, you raise the bar of conflict and welcome more disrespect and insult from them. Kibaki knows this. It’s time to avoid useless public conversations and learn from the people you serve not curtail their learning process.
I decree the security BILL(now Law), because as good as it is, you accepted the most rotten bits in it and at no point do we expect that it heals, it shall only lead to the death of a beautiful vibrant Kenya. Mr. President I hope you listen to me if not Kenyans will!
BOSIRE ONYI – Jr Senator Nyamira County.


Lets make Kenya secure

Lets make Kenya secure

Kenya is at the verge of losing the national values of peace, love and unity.
I have to tell it out to the president that time has come when not just image matters. We as Kenyans never elected a president to whose too available, creating image and awarding individuals and holding parties for the few headline makers… with the aim of creating positive perceptions when He can’t tackle our most immediate problems, where life is involved.

Any individual from Northern and coastal Kenya can attest that Kenya is partially becoming a failed state, with a sense of life in Nairobi and its environs, where the president can walk around with little security…
I dare the president to do the same in Kapedo, Let alone Mandera, even Kenya’s second largest city is no exception.
Is really Kenya a place to be proud of as a citizen, When even the security officers can’t guarantee themselves security in their camps and barracks?
When Police officers fear getting attacked by the very public they protect?
Do we expect peace when the only alternative is deploying Our own military units against us…
When little is Heard when officers die, but a trail of exchanges between leaders on cheap conversations…
The presidency is symbolic not personal tool to create perception. Its time the true symbolism of the seat came out to foster love,unity and peace.
People have answers to their problems, because they own their problems. a good government is never reactive . It listens to the people and facilitates positive results from the people themselves.
An article of concern By Bosire Onyi




Over a few days now , All media has turned our focus to the public stripping question.  I appreciate the response from the public and civil society , even the government. But who out there will be liberal enough to face the reality of  the situation? Is stripping really the question? I think the question is on Morality and freedom to expression. Of the two, which one is worth defending? and are we liberal enough to take up these or violence becomes the only excuse to express our low self esteem and idle mind?

It can be sad when we decide to trade our morals for freedom. Its also sad that violence becomes the only way to let our voices heard. As far as our women deserve respect and honour, they should be honourable by action and image. Dignity isn’t a right, its an earned value. Its a scarce reward for self worth . Its a measure of how cheap or expensive you bid yourself to people. Ladies, You have your #Mydressmychoice but your choice defines the measure of respect you deserve. Its a choice of morals and freedom.

Nobody is perfect, in both action and physic, but the pursuit of perfection makes us move forward. But as a country, it seems our sense of pursuit has been largely preoccupied by lust for freedom to do virtually anything with little concern on the morals.  This has led to lose of our reasoning, only to face issues through violence.

Nobody can justify the act of stripping a fellow human being, but what do you expect when you decide to sell your self cheap, when all that you spark in the mind of fellow beings is what you personally don’t welcome? We can’t pretend to live in an ideal world where we are in full control of our emotions, but we at least we can be in control of our character and image. We decide how we want people to treat us, we determine the level of respect we deserve, because we are who people see, and we are in control of what they see. Lets be worth the respect…. And if you get stripped for wearing that decent dress, Ill be more than willing to see justice served.

An article of concern by Brian Bosire Onyi

(c) 2014