UNHU initiative

Humanity for prosperity and posterity, Binging back the philosophy of Humanity, Togetherness and Care for all in Africa and the world.

Unhu is a Shona word which is “ubuntu” – being Human. The concept of unhu in Zimbabwe is similar to that of other African cultures. Unhu is a social philosophy which embodies virtues that celebrate the mutual social responsibility, mutual assistance, trust, sharing, unselfishness, self-reliance, caring and respect for others among other ethical values. It means behavior patterns acceptable to Shona people. This means ethos and attitudes which influence the way people participate in various departments of their lives. Their ethos refers to their conception of what is right and wrong; beautiful and ugly. The ethos is the parameter used to qualify a Shona person as munhu and not just a human being.

My hope is that Embracing Unhu shall inspire Our young generation to become better Leaders who have a better understanding of the people they lead, and that its through Unhu that we, the human race shall proclaim our love for one another, end the seemingly un-ending conflicts and begin to trust one another as we strive to develop our world.

Its  a vision that we MUST pursue.


Motisoft ventures in conjunction with Electrosoft Ltd wishes to invite you to a leadership conference to be held on 30th May 2015 starting from 10.00am at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Main campus Juja.

The conference is aimed at empowering student leaders with leadership skills, motivating them and enabling them to focus into the future with a view of creating strong youth leaders. Therefore, we are requesting you to bring your student leaders accompanied by two teachers for the conference.

You are required to carry along with you Ksh. 3000 as facilitation fee and packed lunch for the students. Teachers’ lunch will be catered for by the organizing team.

The chief guest speaker of the day will be Dr. Joan Ngunzi, a PhD holder and the TSC Deputy Director Administration department at the TSC headquarters. Other speakers of the day will be:
1. Brian Bosire Onyi- CEO, Electrosoft
2. Jomo Erick- JKUAT Students Organization (JKUSO) Chairman
3. Kelvin Malusi- Director, Motisoft Ventures and author of “If There Was No Tomorrow

We will be glad and privileged to host you. Kindly confirm your attendance before 15th May 2015 for planning and reservation purposes. Contacts: 0729672522/ 0712105573

For more contact us and if you would wish to attend the conference email me through In the email please indicate the following:
1. The name of the school
2. The school address
3. Provide a reliable phone number through which your school can be contacted to confirm your attendance.
4. Let us know if you would wish us to send an invitation letter to your school even after sending us an email.



The organization ‘NO Street Children Kenya’ is an initiative founded on the values and morals of humanity mainly

  1. LOVE
  4. CARE.

We wish to provide continual guidance at each stage of the youthful and adulthood life so they can develop an independent future for themselves and become a part of well developed, peaceful and stable society. This will help Kenya and all African Countries to develop as a nations that embraces togetherness and societal responsibility towards one another, and a responsible generation of young leaders who care and nature the succeeding young generation behind them, free of homeless children and street families.


40% of Kenyans are ravaged by chronic poverty. The accumulated effects of these factor end up making life unbearable for most Kenyan families. They have further lead to higher rates ignorance among the society; the social safety nets have become almost non-existent. Minimal basic knowledge on family planning especially the rural areas in Kenya has greatly contributed to the large un-manageable families.

Unfortunately it’s the children who have to struggle the most .Some of these struggling  parents /guardians send out to the streets to beg or work to make ends meet. Some are abandoned because they have become too much of a burden.

These children scrabble trying to sustain the most basic of their existence. Prior to the conception of these project we engaged in a fact finding mission to understand the conditions at the streets. It was found that these children end up in drugs and substance abuse as the solution to the depressing and dehumanizing experiences at the streets. Other than being sent away by parents we noted that some of the children ran away from homes to seek solace from being beaten, mistreated or sexually abused.

These street children are especially vulnerable to violence and abuse .they are denied the access to education and excluded from healthcare systems. Not only does these abuse leave children denied material security but also emotionally scared. Many of the abused children we encounter are traumatized and some refuse to speak. They feel guilty and blame themselves .such damage can take time to recover.

In Kenya, the law recognizes that these street children need attention as human beings and that they are entitled to state protection against exploitation and should access basic education.

It’s through this analysis that our organization was founded with the aim of trying to provide a warm and caring atmosphere around the children to provide vocational mentor-ship  and safe, fun place where the children can gain self –esteem and to their advantage grow socially ,morally and develop to their optimum vocational potential.


  • Improving the welfare and quality of life of the young generation by providing a homely and caring environment.
  • Capacity Development for the rehabilitated children through mentorship talent development and education.
  • Training the young generation on the social life, essential life skills and entrepreneurship.
  • Sensitizing the public and other groups of concern to take preventive measures to prevent inflow of street families to the streets.
  • Engaging other partners in development of preventive strategies to curb the reversal of young people and youth back to streets.
  • Foster and develop entrepreneurship among the rehabilitated youth to encourage self-sustenance and economic independence not only for the street children but also the participants in the initiative.
  • To seek and promote the rights of youth and young people through systematically engaging the masses and trainings on the benefits of a morally strong future society.
  • To provide the young generation and youth with a caring, loving and secure family environment, where basic needs for food, health, clothing, shelter and education are met squarely.
  • Engaging the youth in volunteerism towards rehabilitation, vocational and talent mentoring through practically offering life experiences to the other street youth. (Peer mentoring).In return, the volunteers will gain experience, fulfillment and gain utmost responsibility, thus enhancing their humanly response towards the needs of the society.