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Multi-sided business models to digitize Africa’s Agriculture

A Multi-sided business model is a survival strategy that we think is critical to success – diversify or die.
While this multi-sided business model may allow African start-ups to survive and even develop, it carries with ít certain marketing and communication risks, which digital entrepreneurs would do well not to ignore. Using experience from running our own digital start-ups, we offer some advice on branching out.


Developing Skills for the Digital Economy

The digital economy is solely a golden opportunity for Africa to leapfrog and lead all other continents into the a more sustainable development. It’s a ripe market full of opportunities, especially in infrusturecture, water , food, logistics etc.
Most digital products have been built for 2 billion consumers leaving 5 billion offline market (majority in the developing countries). That’s a huge market! The biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs is to leverage on digital technologies to deliver services to the next 5 Billion. When you see entrepreneurs that are organizing these market, they are laying the foundation for the future unicorns.

Disrupting the water business

Water: A Global Issue 2/3 of the world population will be living in water stressed conditions by 2025 according to the UN. Majority of these will be in Sub Saharan Africa Africa remains the… Continue reading


Knowledge remains one of the biggest challenge preventing modernisation of smallholder farming in Africa. By improving knowledge dissemination to these farmers, we increase their ability to be economically attractive, able to make better decisions and reduce production risks!


Its true that the majority of the world’s poor are farmers, and these explains why solving the poverty problem shall begin with fixing the agricultural sector especially among the small scale farmers. Poverty increases chances for poor sanitation, poor nutrition, ignorance and even reduces the human resilience to effects of global climate change, thus, there is need to first struggle to jump-start the journey out of poverty by supporting the very simple and basic source of economic development of the worlds poor, farming.We have to agree that the knowledge that fed the world population 100 years ago can not feed the current population.


With all the excitement of the youth, and hyping of entrepreneurship to look like a one hit and run jackpot, there needs to be a voice to calm the hype around entrepreneurship and tell the true story. The perseverance it calls for. The resilience and persistence it calls for and the consistence one needs to nurture a business. There needs to be an alternative voice to tell the youth that, securing funding and investment for your idea is never a breakthrough but just a sign of people’s confidence in your idea. It’s just a sign of the willingness of the people to take the risk with you. But as the saying goes, people will want to ride with you in the limousine but not in a bus once your limousine breaks down. It’s the start of building a foundation of the Eifel tower in the murky, swampy and unstable land. You are the the bearer of the vision, guard it amid all the excitement!


Your Dreams, your visions and aspirations are children of your soul, cherish them and never let them suffer neglect. Spread out your dreams high into the skies and let them fly past your horizons.
As a youth and student, your Value is measured by your future, your vision and your prospective achievements, but as you grow old, your measure of value shifts to your material worth, and your ability to be a provider to your ageing parents, helpless siblings and ailing neighbour. How ready are you for all these?


We love to Act foolish, so that we can feel secure by just a mere pat on the back from the western powers for our most silly things we do. We love to act so desperate so that all the attention in the world is directed to us, We love just receiving for all the bad reasons. We let our very own to starve to death so that we can receive aid to save our own. We kill and displace our very own so that we “Attract Aid ” and recognition from the “selfishly Caring” international community.
We love it when our brothers and sisters tear in pain and cry helplessly as we drive bullets, machetes and arrows into their flesh!
We feel happy ruining our economies, burning down flourishing businesses, and even disrupting transport so that our first door neighbour weeps and joins the league of the “poor and begging”.


by Brian Bosire Onyi Am not a writer,and I’ve never dreamt to be one… but occasionally when i decide to write, something often emerges , that for you to write a good moving… Continue reading


Are they all by Co-incidence?
We should Choose wisely, this
means LIFE is like a
Double-Edged Sword.