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Digitizing African Agriculture

Agriculture can and should not be left behind in these digitization age. We should incorporate ICT not as an independent initiative in agricultural practices but as a core fabric enabling each of these activities. ICTs can streamline most of the challenges along the value-chains eg access to knowledge on markets, market linkages, crop management, access to financing and insurance services. 



Its true that the majority of the world’s poor are farmers, and these explains why solving the poverty problem shall begin with fixing the agricultural sector especially among the small scale farmers. Poverty increases chances for poor sanitation, poor nutrition, ignorance and even reduces the human resilience to effects of global climate change, thus, there is need to first struggle to jump-start the journey out of poverty by supporting the very simple and basic source of economic development of the worlds poor, farming.We have to agree that the knowledge that fed the world population 100 years ago can not feed the current population.

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    I envision a world of equity, driven by the basic principles of humanity, care, togetherness and peaceful coexistence.
    A world where leaders are defined by their passion to action, to empower their people.
    A world of countries whose strength isn't measured by sophistication of their armory but peacefulness among its citizenry.


    We all have different perspectives of understanding the world, ... but the one thing that defines our path is ability to see opportunities, and create possibilities, even when it seems almost impossible. that's what great people do. They never lose hope, they create a reason to believe in their abilities and redefine the status quo.

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