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Digitizing African Agriculture

Agriculture can and should not be left behind in these digitization age. We should incorporate ICT not as an independent initiative in agricultural practices but as a core fabric enabling each of these activities. ICTs can streamline most of the challenges along the value-chains eg access to knowledge on markets, market linkages, crop management, access to financing and insurance services. 



The essence and soul driver of true innovation is that it provides hope to inspires people to dream and dream big. It excites emotions of those experiencing it to bring the best out of themselves so that they can also be counted among the few who make a difference. It’s true that the biggest gift that humankind was blessed with is the ability to innovate and better themselves.
Change comes when we wake up every day and feel the inadequacy around us. that nagging feeling that tells us that we are not enough, that we have to bring something better to add up to what we are today, to leave a mark on the face of the world that defines our existence.

The Randomised Life

The best thing about being young is the potential hidden inside us. This potential opens doors for us and hustles for us. It’s the biggest currency that the youth can trade with. Anybody will be willing to invest in us provided we clearly articulate this potential with your vision and build capacity, skill and ability around it. Basically, we have a future! Living life isn’t living in comfort but rather adjusting to new challenges every day. The only way you know you’re moving forward is by conquering each challenge you face, one at a time. It never gets easier as you move forward, it only gets familiar.


You are young today, and old tomorrow, then helplessly aged in a few years. What have you invested for your future generation? Not wealth but in terms of values, principles and virtues. What is your legacy , or your contribution to being human and being African…
We have trained our eyes to look out for our next victim of manipulation and coercion, so that we can take advantage of them, and toss to their ignorance! – Yet our fore fathers lived with the virtues for ages, without losing grip of the priceless virtues for posterity.


Over time the human beings have learned the art of destruction in the name of building. We have learnt how to destroy the beautiful free gifts of nature and perfected recreating them to suit individual ownership, so that others can struggle to pay for a pie of nature. Lets look at what is happening to our environments, our ecosystem is under siege.


We are the seeds of the world. All we need to do is expose ourselves to the right environment. We need to shape our attitude, water ourselves with knowledge , allow ourselves to germinate on strong principles, sustain ourselves with courage to face the strong winds and turbulence, shield ourselves with morals to protect us against predators and dream stealers, spray our young seedlings with persistence, consistence, patience and endurance to remain healthy in our course, and above all , grow strong enough to support all the others around us as they hold unto our branches and stem to reach for and enjoy our sweet fruits.


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