Its a world of Possibilities . . .

Every problem has got seeds of its solution within it. So if you don’t face any problems, you won’t get any seeds to grow. This we should learn as the youth of this beautiful world. Everyday, I feel obligated to grant my servitude to the world, but just like the many fellow youth I meet and interact with, I sometimes fear challenges, yet life in itself is meant to be challenging. This is what makes us human and gives us satisfaction. Challenges create meaning for success. they make success sweet. So when you think you are at the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on and allow the seeds to germinate! Let’s inculcate the culture of believing and appreciating our own solutions, innovations and experiences because they originate form our challenges.

This gives me pride to be in a continent and country full of challenges because, in the challenges are numerous opportunities.

However, lets only allow the seeds of ethics to thrive. Lets uproot the corruption and intolerance. We the youth have come to be known as the Hit and Run generation, only appealed by quick success. We are wrong in this. Lets patiently sow the seeds of True leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. Lets be quick to listen and patient to build not quick to destroy.


Everybody is either a youth, or was a YOUTH or shall be a YOUTH.
The strength of any nation lies in the ability to develop a productive and reliable generation, full of energy and zeal to achieve great goals, goals  that had long been envisioned in the hearts of great passionate founders of this country -Kenya.


My role, as good as yours, is to make these dreams come true.

And it’s through our collective  individual efforts  that prosperity shall light our course.

I believe am a KENYAN not by mistake, but through my contribution to it’s state at the

I’ve either built it or destroyed it!  The bitter reality is that most of us are in denial! It’s time to accept the flaws in us and work towards positive change because our strength shall be manifested in OUR ability to conquer the failures of yesterday.
It’s time to rise
We’re the Kenyans with realizable vision.