~By Adan Mohammed , a Young Ambitious leader

Words fall short to truly express my deep sadness and revolt in the face of the mass murder perpetrated by terrorist group.

Every time an act of terror or shooting occurs, I closely watch news with tears in my eyes and praying that the suspect is not Muslim.

I share profound frustration with a billion and half plus Muslims around the world. We Muslims have special responsibility to not only join hand with fellow human beings to save our world from the rage of terrorism and violent extremism, but also help to repair the tarnished image of our faith.

The true test of belief is not a slogan “ALLAHU AKBAR” or dressing up in a certain way, the true test of our belief is living up to the core principle of our religion like not killing innocent people because life is sacred according to Islam. The Quran says whoever slay a soul it shall be as if he had slain all mankind; and whosoever save one life it shall be as if he has saved all mankind.

Deadly terrorist attack from Bangladesh to Baghdad to Beirut. From Somali to Saudi Arabia to Syria and From Istanbul to Orlando to Jordan to Mandera, Kenya. Killing hundreds possibly thousands. The timing of attack is during the holy month of RAMADHAN. Could not have been more sacrilegious. Yet for terrorist, no time is too sacred to pursue their ends through bloodshed.

Innocent lives torn apart by terrorists. We must condemn the ideology propagated by the terrorist. Much blood has been spilled as consequence of ISIL and other Terrorist group and the vast majority of it Muslim blood in “the name of Islam”

What is their religion? It is not Islam. Not definitely my Islam because no religion teaches you to kill an innocent person. I can’t do anything but be angry and reject the ideology of those people who claims to be in Islam. There is no religion in the world that advocate killing human beings.

These terrorists uses Islam to justify slaughtering people. What is their aim? They want to install fear in non-Muslim and incite Muslim to join their cause.  What kind of Muslims are these who kill innocent people especially in the Holy month of Ramadhan? They don’t have any religion, their only religion is terrorism. Can we call them radical Islamic terrorism? The choice is yours, words matter. They both shape our perception of the world and help to transform it. Think about 1.6 billion peaceful Muslim.

I believe Islam is a religion of peace it is not a religion of terrorist or radical.  There is only one version of Islam which is Islam peace. By associating Islam with terrorists it causes a sense of greater marginalization and isolation. This strengthens the hands of extremist and terrorist recruiters are able to prey on vulnerabilities and sense of alienation felt by young to radicalize the majority of peaceful Muslim.

ISIS and other terrorists groups are desperate for legitimacy and try to portray themselves as religious leaders and religious defenders in defense of Islam. We must not associate them to Islam and must not give the legitimacy they are craving for. We must not called them Radical Islam rather we called them terrorists.

Hatemongers exploit the action of few Terrorist to demonise the majority of peaceful Muslim but I believe majority of Christian and Jewish love their Muslim neighbours. As the Franklin D Roosevelt said in his first inaugural address 1963 “there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The narrative that “Islam hate us” is nothing but false. I love my Christians neighbour and some are in fact my friends.

We mostly hear about Islam after the incidents of terror, Think of many good Muslims who saved and help Non-Muslims. After Orlando massacre, a Muslim name Mohamed said and I quote “yes, my name is Mohamed a proud Muslim American. Yes I donated blood even though I cannot eat or drink anything because I am fasting in our holy month of Ramadhan just like hundreds of other Muslim who denoted today in Orlando. Veterans coming to denote and next to them Muslim women in hijab carrying food and water to donors standing in line”

But what about a Kenyan Muslim teacher from Mandera who shielded Christians and took bullets for them? And many other Muslim people who gave hijab to non- Muslim ladies when their bus were attacked. A group of Kenyan Muslim travelling on a bus ambushed by terrorists protected their Christians passengers by refusing to be split into groups. This is what it means to be  a Muslim

Our prophet Muhamed (SAW) said, none of you has faith until you love your neighbour what you love for yourself. This is what it means to be a Muslim. A Muslim greeting Asalamu Aleykum is a greeting which is wish for the other to be blessed with peace. This is what it means to be a Muslim.

If from Bangladesh to Baghdad to Beirut. From Somali to Saudi Arabia to Syria and From Istanbul to Orlando to Jordan to Mandera, Kenya and all across the world Islam is responsible for all this killing. If Islam is what is motivating this and Islam is not a religion of peace is a religion of war then ask yourself this question, Why are the rest of us not doing it?

Islam is not a religion of peace is a religion of violence, terrorist and war. Do you really think that? If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the abilities to see yourself through the eyes of Muslims, only then you will release how Islam is a religion of peace not war or terrorist.

What unite us is far greater than what divides us and sometimes all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. We all knows that when a mad man walked naked it’s his kinsmen who feel shame not himself. I feel shame of myself when terrorists use my religion for their own personal benefits. We have to condemn the terror acts with strongest terms possible because Islam is being misused by terrorists and Muslim are being unnecessarily attacked and linked to terrorists.

And in spite of fear I believe we are all children’s of God. And I still believe that not all terrorists are Muslim and not all Muslim are terrorists. I still believe in a bright future where we all are one people under God. For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision but today friendship make every yesterday a dream of happier and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

I believe that the world will be better tomorrow and better still the day after. I believe in all this because I believe in you, I believe in Christians I believe in Jewish and all other people. Because we all share one religion called Humanity.

In the name of God, the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohamed.  God Bless you All.

This article was written by a great friend and upcoming young leader, Adan Mohammed, to give a Muslim’s perspective of the Global terrorism that we have been experiencing.

Together Let’s stand Against Terrorism. Its a threat to humanity!