Most of us look at the world and think is just okay, but I look at the world and think it can be better. That’s why people like us do what we do, without expectations that run the interests of the world, we just want to play our small part of adding value to humanity.

Change isn’t just a slogan, change begins with hard work, change begins with persistence. Einstein said that for us to bring change, we have to change the way we think, change our attitudes and our perceptions.

Change comes when we wake up every day and feel the inadequacy around us. that nagging feeling that tells us that we are not enough, that we have to bring something better to add up to what we are today, to leave a mark on the face of the world that defines our existence.

The essence and soul driver of true innovation is that it provides hope to inspires people to dream and dream big. It excites emotions of those experiencing it to bring the best out of themselves so that they can also be counted among the few who make a difference. It’s true that the biggest gift that humankind was blessed with is the ability to innovate and better themselves. We all have these urge to learn and create something that drives away the boredom that we often find ourselves in. It’s only fair that we don’t become lazy to bring out our innovativeness and solve our boredom.

It’s my believe that the world would stop once we stopped hoping for tomorrow. Once we lose our grip of tomorrow, we lose everything that makes us yearn for that extra breath that yearning for the extra heart beat to make us see how our dreams unfold. It’s in tomorrow’s anticipation that we create a new world and innovate more. That’s why human beings innovate, that’s why we look up to each dawn and wake to create more exciting ways to live and see a better tomorrow.

It’s by design that we all seek recognition, we all need that feeling of importance, and maybe this was wired into us so that we keep reinventing ourselves to be better each day.  The only challenge is that along the way, our ego gets in and we lose the true inspiration that defines our attributes. We get to hurt others in the name of creating something new and better for the world.

However, with big innovations comes bigger influence and control over humanity. This calls for more responsibility. Wherever you can influence the actions of humanity, you can influence the way the world works, and the way people move towards their future. Tough decisions have to be made just to ensure that all works according to the initial PURPOSE OF TRUE INNOVATION, WHICH IS TO GIVE HOPE AND INSPIRE people to live for good. Any other motives are not worth the change.When innovation falls on the wrong hands, it becomes a nightmare. It becomes a sentence of misery to humanity, it’s very opposite of what it was meant to do.

But despite of all these concerns, the innovation spirit has to continue. Because it’s easy to feel hopeful on any day than to feel hopeless every day. Even at times of poverty and impoverishment, Hope stands out, and it keeps calling for a better way to better the situation, because that’s the time when we’ll need hope the most. We have to be greater than we suffer. We have to give hope, because even if we fall short, what better ways are there to live. We have to promise each other that no matter what, we have keep inventing and moulding the future we want and carry a piece of one another into this future, that’s how we shall keep the world inspired to create  and protect the very ingenuity of innovation that fires up the world.

RaoEng The Africa Prize Resize Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2016 Sala Lewis-536

Innovators from 8 countries Across Africa. Photo by Royal Engineering Academy

This article is inspired by my interactions with fellow African innovators promoting the “Made in Africa for Africa” brand and their motivation to creating solutions for the continent.

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