The Randomised Life

Life is a random journey, where everything apart from the status quo is wrong. We never see these until one succeeds by following the lonely wrong unravelled path. Very few want to go first, but most of us are willing to join the bandwagon.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with great African Entrepreneurs, young people with the big vision of creating a better future for the continent. Along my interactions, I’ve come to learn the power of passion and the ability to bring a dream alive.

When I listen to their stories, I get inspired. It takes more than just passion and dreams to create change, and create the future we all desire. Most of us tend to ignore the fact that brutal persistence and hard work is the key to success.

Being young is always an asset that we young people often overlook. We are always thinking of these fantastic, struggle-less and relaxed future but often we never think of the road-map to that destination. It reaches a time that we have to be sincere with ourselves, drive ourselves away from the fantasies of the mind to get to the business of creating these future.

Life is meant to be an imperfect journey so that each day, there is a lesson for us to learn, so that each day becomes an opportunity to rectify what was wrong yesterday. Whenever we are faced with challenges, it’s often good to smile and say, Yes, I’ll conquer this.

We have to learn to make bold judgements and decisions without allowing our ego to compromise new ideas. Sometimes being young gets us into the illusion that life is limitless, But I tend to think that life will only present limitless possibilities, it’s what we can offer the world within a limited lifetime that shall matter.

If each of us really understood his/her purpose, and we all allowed that purpose to be bigger than our personal desires, this world would be much better than it is. But the challenge is that most of us fear being ourselves. We fear manifesting our abilities, we are often intimidated by what we find as the standards, or the norms of society. We unknowingly suppress our potential.

The biggest impact is brought forward by people who are willing to sacrifice their face today and be vulnerable in the face of the world in order to create change. Few people have the stamina and courage to do this. But little do we know that only the few with the ability to influence do change the world. Most people just want the easy way out, and it’s the most travelled road. It’s often easy to despair than compose yourself and face the challenges.

We have grown thinking that we need super human abilities to design our own future. We always feel the burden of letting go the world expectation and focusing on giving our dreams, visions and creativity as gifts to the world.

The best thing about being young is the potential hidden inside us. This potential opens doors for us and hustles for us. It’s the biggest currency that the youth can trade with. Anybody will be willing to invest in us provided we clearly articulate this potential with your vision and build capacity, skill and ability around it. Basically, we have a future!

The only challenge is that we the youth don’t recognize this. We are busy killing this potential, and continuously eroding the very currency that should build us. We are trying to fit into the norm, selling ourselves cheap and constantly daring not to dream big, because we can no longer endure the struggle that comes with big dreams.

Living life isn’t living in comfort but rather adjusting to new challenges every day. The only way you know you’re moving forward is by conquering each challenge you face, one at a time. It never gets easier as you move forward, it only gets familiar.

It costs the same effort to dream a small dream and a big dream, so why don’t we all dream big? The bigger the dreams, the bigger the challenges and the bigger you have to grow to handle the challenges. Dare to dream big and go for it!

But dreams have to go with who you are and what your passion and abilities are. Most people are always trying to become who they will never be. We have created a believe system that is always working against us, trying to live a life that only makes sense to others rather than us.

I feel bad interacting with young people carrying brown envelops seeking employment. My ideal world is a world where everybody lives his purpose and does something so uniquely good that they are irreplaceable. When you truly focus on your strengths, and allow your uniqueness be your “ambassador”, no one will take up your position, someone will always come for that uniqueness in you. We need to learn to let out our abilities and sharpen our skills without the fear of getting misplaced in society. Actually, society appreciates uniqueness than the norm, we all know this yet we gamble with the norm and expect to create impact. Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity, we all need to think beyond the norm and the reality that has been created for us. We need to work towards our vision and create our own reality.