You are young today, and old tomorrow, then helplessly aged in a few years. What have you invested for your future generation? Not wealth but in terms of values, principles and virtues. What is your legacy , or your contribution to being human and being African.

At our times today, we are often proud to read and write our history based on the sacrifices of our past leaders, founding fathers and great men and women who shaped our thinking and added value to our African spirit. People who give us pride to talk in the world stage. The Madiba, Nkrumah, Lumumba and the likes. People who stood for Humanity! Great writers ,inventors etc, Rachid Yazami, Chinua Achebe, Wangari Mathai . . .

I feel challenged when I realize that most of us are in a state of despair, and slowly falling to the category of conformists. People who think of nothing but act on anything at their disposal. Even when its a poison to their own well being. We Africans especially us the youth have become controlled puppets, dancing to the tune of anything that sounds like  a song worth a dance, without knowing that even the senseless sounds and noises can sometimes turn into a chorus!

Those who ought to guide us, and be our role models are neither worth the trust. Our leaders have become too selfish to trust, too protective of their interests and power, and the best they can do is to subdue and manipulate us to keep grip to their positions and influence. This is unacceptable.

Despite the narcissism that continues to thrive in our capitalistic society, My hope is to revive the spirit of “Ubuntu” in Africa. An Africa whose values were firmly rooted on the principles of humanity and togetherness. Where people celebrated not because of their common interest but their common believe in collective social development. An Africa whose people found love, happiness and satisfaction in the small acts of kindness to one another.

I look around today and wonder how within a century, our hearts have rapidly lost their tenderness, and our eyesight lost focus on the needs of others, our conscience has become insensitive to the cries of the helpless old, the young and the needy.Our social safety nets broken!

We have trained our eyes to look out for our next victim of manipulation and coercion, so that we can take advantage of them, and toss to their ignorance! – Yet our fore fathers lived with the virtues for ages, without losing grip of the priceless virtues for posterity.

Our leadership style has become an ugly mutant of the iron fisted rulers we only imagined of. We are constantly fighting for our individual worth and wealth, mercilessly cashing on whoever who’s cursed enough to be poor.

We have developed a case of Manipulative governance always insensitive to the needs of the citizens, and a desperate citizenry ready to sing songs of praise to the highest bidder in a jungle of wealth and lies!

We have forgotten that the essence of wealth is to be distributed and the sweetness of riches is to give without bounds not to steal more without bounds.

Look at us now, happily and naively throwing away our African values, and trading them with the Vices of the West, in the name of urbanization and development, we have learnt to Kill one another for riches, condemn and incite one another for power and interest.

Our African ethnic diversity has turned to tribal adversity , happily working under the spell of selfish Miss-leaders and manipulative Neo-colonial powers. We have painted our Africa the picture of the suffering, only living under the mercy of the uncaring world. Living under the shade of world aid agencies.This has to stop.

And the only way to move forward is not to wait for the world to wipe our tears but Rather to go back to the African roots. Go back to the spirit of the founding fathers. Go back to UBUNTU, back to UNHU, Back to UTU, back to being HUMAN.

Long live Africa.

An article of Insight by Brian BOSIRE ONYI