It has been an existing week for entrepreneurs across the globe and more so in Kenya which hosted the global entrepreneurship summit (GES2015). It’s amazing to see the young people vibrant and meaningfully solving problems with such an innovative approach that leaves the world wowing over their solutions and believing in even more possibilities.

I am a strong believer of possibilities, especially when men and women of big visions are self-motivated to actualize the dreams of our fore-generation. Indeed with vision comes provision. and with motion comes motivation, as young entrepreneurs , we all dream big, we dream of what the normal people call fantasies, and tirelessly work towards bringing this fantasies to reality.

What defines an entrepreneur is not the idea but the ability to be self-motivated to implement the Idea. We all have the dreams of creating business empires, and as an optimist, my hopes are always high, knowing that there is possibility in everything. In order to live our dreams, we indeed need to understand that it takes the most brutal persistence and resilience to build a business. It takes passion to reap the fruits of entrepreneurship, with action as the key motivating factor to iterate the same patiently to make an impact.

Over the last three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interact and meet hugely brained young entrepreneurs in Kenya, I’ve had the chance to interact and listen form the most experienced company founders, directors and CEOs. Along my keen observation, one thing was clear in all their stories. Passion. I recall one of them telling me that indeed Passion is the fuel of life. In whatever action, your intensity will always be proportional to your passion towards the action. I find this quite amazingly true that with passion comes action. An entrepreneur will be so willing to surpass the limits of any rational person. They are big hearted and thick skinned always yearning for more risk despite of all the lessons learned the hard and tough and sometimes painful way.

One of the founders I recently interacted with uses the analogy of falling in love to describe the journey in entrepreneurship… like a lover, once you see that which really matters, nothing else can take away your attention and anticipation, and one is always motivated to do whatever it takes to woo the partner. Being an entrepreneur takes similar roots. You have to possess a trigger to spark the journey, you have to see your lover, or create a visual of the exact lover before you pursue them. The trigger can be that good idea, or talent or even that extra-ordinary ability in you… then it follows pursuing it. Like a lover in pursuit of love and acceptance, he’ll do all it takes, from buying those expensive drinks in a high end hotel to spending on vacations and trips to win love. That is what entrepreneurship is all about. Making it work in all circumstances.

I’ve always believed that nothing is impossible. No business idea is the best, nor is there the worst business idea, all we have are ideas which lack the driver to its accomplishment.

As an entrepreneur, You’ll realize that when you pour your passion and all your abilities to what you are doing, you’ll have no competition. Often people focus on competition in the markets and forget to express their love for their products and services. People want to buy what others fall in love with, and when people are in love, trust barriers will always fade away. Trust comes when those you share your love with (your customers), totally believe both in you and your product or service. I believe that in business, numbers and money matters but that’s after your passion. NOT money first. I have a strong believe that money is a by-product of your passion. and that is as true as it is in any relationship. Your material wealth can never guarantee a happy relationships. In fact, money driven relationships collapse immediately the gluing element (Money) dries up.

As an entrepreneur, expect dry spells anytime, with almost no financial motivation to run your business, but amid all this, your true love, your passion and persistence is all you need to push through such a season. Your passion will make you wear the best smile ever, always radiating energy and motivation to your team to keep moving.

A friend once told me that entrepreneurship is self crucification , It’s like throwing yourself down the cliff and building an aeroplane mid-air. Its a journey where you alone determines your failures and successes. Unfortunately, the two look so similar that choosing between right and wrong steps could be the biggest gamble, like trading with your own life. But this makes entrepreneurs’ life more fun and adventurers.

With all the excitement of the youth, and hyping of entrepreneurship to look like a one hit and run jackpot, there needs to be a voice to calm the hype around entrepreneurship and tell the true story. The perseverance it calls for. The resilience and persistence it calls for and the consistence one needs to nurture a business. There needs to be an alternative voice to tell the youth that, securing funding and investment for your idea is never a breakthrough but just a sign of people’s confidence in your idea. It’s just a sign of the willingness of the people to take the risk with you. But as the saying goes, people will want to ride with you in the limousine but not in a bus once your limousine breaks down. It’s the start of building a foundation of the Eifel tower in the murky, swampy and unstable land. You are the the bearer of the vision, guard it amid all the excitement!

As the young people, who are greatly aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs, there’s need to live by the ethics of humanity. Unless you let your passion light up your path, the love of money will easily sway you to trade in the anti-social ethics, which leads to self-condemning emotions that kill your dreams and vision. So as you dance to the global entrepreneurship chorus everywhere, listen to the passion in you and understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur.Unless you brace yourself for the entrepreneurial journey, the the bubble might as well burst midway.

An Article of insight By Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2015