Why do we make life so difficult? The essence of civilization is to ensure that the basic tools of life (Food, housing and clothing) are easily accessible by all humans in the world. But why is it that in this times of civilization, we are advocating for the exact opposite, people dying of hunger more than they did years ago, people sleeping in the streets and refugee camps when we indeed know that our forefathers never did so. people struggling each night with the cold as they walk bear feet in the thorny desert vegetation, most of them scantly dressed, just for decency not for warmth…!!

We are turning to be a mean race, with a lot of don’t care attitude. We care less of the well being of the human race and busy setting unnatural standards about life. Redefining what we call good life.  There is need for human beings to go back to the basics, and build on a foundation of ensuring enough for each and every individual. There is need to make the world a better home where the difference in class does not necessarily mean that the poor must die of hunger.

I wake up every morning to chase vanity. I still don’t see the value of life unless it is well calculated and articulated to the future. The knowledge we are busy acquiring poses a lot of questions because of the way we use it against the poor and less educated. We have valued knowledge rather than wisdom and teachings from Nature. We have learned to glorify papers and measure success by the number of degrees and papers rather than applying the knowledge to offer solutions to the world problems. It’s fascinating to see learned elites and emissaries of science spend years cracking their heads for the solution to world problems, poverty, hunger and climate change yet we fail to listen to the cries of nature, desertification, pollution and continuous depletion of resources.

Over time the human beings have learned the art of destruction in the name of building. We have learnt how to destroy the beautiful free gifts of nature and perfected recreating them to suit individual ownership, so that others can struggle to pay for a pie of nature. Lets look at what is happening to our environments, our ecosystem is under siege.

Human beings are constantly bruising the environment and intoxicating the soils in the name of fertilizing them, big corporates busy misleading the masses by investing in campaigns aimed at persuading people to buy their products, and shun what nature can provide. Nobody cares about the cries of nature. We have our best educated engineers overseeing the destruction of  beautiful and natural springs to build bottling plants so that they can sell the water to the poor and suffering people. We are constantly turning each and every mother nature given presents to expensive commodities, that only the world’s “mighty” can afford.

The levels of pollution are so high that we can not breathe any more in our cities, all in the name of industrialization, creating jobs , ignoring that we are creating jobs and killing the human race. Don’t be surprised soon seeing packaged oxygen on sale , because human beings can no longer breathe fresh natural air. Our atmosphere has turned to be a cloud of harmful gases, smoke and other harmful gases. We  have  made it a beautiful song in the media to talk about about the rising cases of cancer. We have learnt to solicit money from the already impoverished poor, who are ailing from respiratory diseases and cancers. We have made dirty industrialization the key to our economic prosperity yet all we are creating is economic disparity.

Human beings have learnt the art of selfishness, those in power constantly creating avenues to take up all that the poor have through hefty taxes with no value for it, while they witness the signing of multi-billion contracts to damage our ecosystem, all in the name of development. We are so happy seeing people cry and die of hunger, so that we can perform gestures of charity, when indeed what we ought to do is protect the environment, and allow mother nature to provide for them. In the name of development, we have allowed the growth of unmonitored corporations and industries whose vision remains to destruct more to increase the demand for their products. Companies are constantly making it difficult to access free resources such as water, we  have seen them destroy natural springs so that we buy their expensive brands.

look at the serenity and beauty of our natural forests, so refreshing. But in no time, you no longer get the fresh feeling of nature, because they have grabbed and destroyed all this, to create artificial sanctuaries, which only the affording well of class are allowed to visit. where shall the poor go?  How I wish we could protect the free gifts of our environment rather than destroy it only  to recreate them for the affording!

All these destructions are happening under the watch of political leaders, who are so obsessed with power that they become easily intoxicated to sign treaties that oversee the suffering of the common man. In fact, they oversee allocation of big budgets to build massive armouries rather than help that poor hungry person in the village. It has become a lucrative business in the world to feed the poor, in the glaring cameras of the world media to show the world how charitable we can be, yet we all know that what we ought to do is allow these poor people to live and access their freely given mother-nature resources.

I feel bad that we, the human beings, pride ourselves with intelligence, innovativeness and the rare ability to foresee the future, to have a clear vision for the future and work towards it, yet we we are failing to live by this. This is because we  seem not to believe in posterity, in the recent years, we have allowed ourselves to focus on “prosperity now”, thinking that the future only belongs to us and us alone. We fail to understand that we have children who shall sire tomorrow’s generation.  We are losing the sense of care and love for our children, grand children and great grand children after us.  We are deliberately killing the dreams of our forefathers who cherished the ideals of posterity. Those who faithfully guarded the environment so that we could enjoy the refreshing breeze by the shows of vast oceans, and the beautiful bird songs in a serene natural forest, and live our lavish present.

How I wish we could use this innovativeness for the sake of tomorrow, for the sake of the unforeseen young ones in a century’s time.  Why do we have to live as if we are the final generation in this beautiful planet?  Any living creature believes in posterity, and lives by it. This was the true intention of humanity, to live knowing we are creating a strong base for the future beings. But are we seeing this any more!

Let protect rather than destruct.

lets cherish rather than impoverish.

Lets protect our environment, because its the only we’ve got. Financial prosperity only lies in protecting posterity!

An article of concern by Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2015