“Wisdom is not the acquisition of knowledge but rather knowing which knowledge is worth acquiring.” ~Be wise
Being a youth is an asset, People are very willing to invest in you and your future so that you may be the source of light to illuminate their paths as their vision gets blurred .
You are at the plateau stage of your life, your energy is at its optimum, your actions limitless, your time limited and you need to turn each and every moment of your youthfulness into a fortune that shall guarantee a sustainable life ahead.
Don’t waste your limited time and energy to destroy the hope in all those around you. learn to be a river that flows and provides life to all those along the banks. Don’t be a swamp that only stagnates and drains others to keep for itself.

Your Dreams, your visions and aspirations are children of your soul, cherish them and never let them suffer neglect. Spread out your dreams high into the skies and let them fly past your horizons.
As a youth and student, your Value is measured by your future, your vision and your prospective achievements, but as you grow old, your measure of value shifts to your material worth, and your ability to be a provider to your ageing parents, helpless siblings and ailing neighbour. How ready are you for all these?

Every morning, look into the mirror and ask yourself, if today was the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today, if the answer is NO, you know need to change.Every great achievements was once a dream, and every discovery was once a bold guess. avoid conformity and confront your fears. Know that knowledge will take you from point A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.
Don’t be POOR: (Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly)

Its an uncertain world, we are never sure of tomorrow, only those who hope for it grow.. so do not allow fear to engulf your hopes, neither should you allow conformity to sooth your muscles. It takes a pain to gain and a little discomfort to create ultimate comfort.

Your attitude is your greatest asset. Guard it with all your might and wit. Use it to turn dreams to realities, and make the impossible possible. You determine your attitude, your attitude determines your destiny, and your destiny defines you.

Challenges give relevance to our living. Without them, we lack the reasons to keep moving, to keep appreciating the dawn of each day and reaching for something better. Success in itself is the pursuit of excellence, so keep on Moving and pray that the value of your challenges appreciates to heighten the levels of your success.

One young talented girl was approached by a big multi-billion dollar media house to host a newly launched programme, remembering her father’s words, “your academics mean everything , wait until you’re done then focus on your talent later. I need learned children” she turned down the offer repeatedly. she sought counsel from a teacher who looked into her eyes and yelled, ”foolish girl! You’re in school so that you get such calls from big companies for jobs, Go and take it up!” she did exactly that. Her name is Oprah Winfery.  … So why wait and allow opportunities to pass by? you have talent, exploit it now!

You don’t have a whole century to live,in the words of Steve Jobs (Founder of apple Inc) your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life, don’t be trapped by dogma which is living by other people’s thinking. don’t let the noise of others drown your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart  and intuition even when they lead you to the less walked path, they somehow already know what you’ll become, everything else is secondary.

An article of inspiration By Brian Bosire Onyi