He who says they can’t and he who says they can are both usually right. I have come to appreciate this saying over a couple of days now. I have always believed that life is a mirror always giving us our exact reflection of what we project to the world. Similarly, the human race has perfected the art of processing this world reflection and turning it into the reality. .. At the end of it, we end up being a combination of our thoughts, projected the world through our attitudes, actions and character, only to be enhanced by this reflection. Make your image the best of the best and you’ll admire the reflection from the world.

One thing for sure is that our thoughts always have a physical manifestation. And we are what we think of ourselves. Over the last month, I took an initiative to learn about the human brain, in order to get the exact glimpse of the reality and fantasies we create in the world. Indeed, it’s true that the world never says a NO! Neither does the universe contradict our actions. I’ve always heard people say that the “gods” have conspired against them! The truth is, we conspire against ourselves. We always want to seek justification for our failures, and when we can’t explain our laziness and hopelessness, we turn to condemning the non-existent. The universe always says YES! And as human beings, we either pose the wrong or right questions to the world but the answer always remains unchanged. A clear YES.

Think of these two scenarios, A man wakes up in the morning and says, “I am a fool”, and indeed believes his reasons for all his past failure is foolishness. The world around him will respond clearly “Yes you are!” It will open pages and volumes of the sad memories of failure. The next moment, he will expect to be treated as a fool, his self-esteem lowered, and in whichever conversation, he knows he is the foolish one around, and any small joke can be interpreted as mockery. And this is how fools are born, and dreams killed!

If one woke up with a positive mind and believed that he is the best, his body, soul and mind will work towards this. The world will say “YES you are!” one feels motivated and confident enough to bring out the best of themselves. One knows he has dignity and status to protect, and this always calls for extra consistent effort and indeed in whichever conversation, He will always stand out, and for every joke, he’ll see it as a praise on his smartness! It is all in your thoughts and mind!

I have a strong believe that it is all in us. We as human beings make and destroy what we have. We are the masters with the rare opportunity to control the circumstances of today and shape our our future. The biggest problem is that most people never want to take that extra step. We lack the patience, persistence and consistence to propel us to greatness. We are quick to covet and aspire, admiring the best of the best in the world, but rarely do we admire the rigorous work behind the success. We have this notion that things just exist. NO. Everything you see in the world was made by people, who are no smarter than you, only that they knew better how to bring the best out of themselves.

A great friend once told me that for success to come your way, you only need two Yes’s, one from yourself and the other from God. Anything else will dance to the tone you set. We don’t need external validation to know that what we are doing is the best. The reason we have instinct is to ensure that we develop the guts to challenge the status quo. To keep progressing in the right direction. To avoid being yes-men and grow to be people who live to fulfil a purpose.

We are all born above the average, but as we grow, we learn to be average and by the time we get old enough to gain independence and control of our own life, we are below average! But all the stories of the most successful, the great people whose names we sing and glorify, they all follow a different path. They know that they are beyond the world standards, because indeed this standards are set by people who are no better than you! You can do things that shall inspire the world and raise the bar.

Take time and watch, and listen to the tunes of the world, try to understand and comprehend the voices of greatness amidst the noises of the starving, the crying and the poor! Open your eyes and see beyond the world challenges, and then shall you see life from the other perspective, that indeed you need to think beyond the cries, the poverty and impoverishment, and start crossing to the other side, where you shall hold other people’s hands and fill their souls with optimism and the positivity to keep moving!

As the youth, we always fear our fears, poverty being the worst fear of all, yet fearing our fears will only make us more vulnerable. We need to learn to attack our fears. Overcoming the fears and acquiring the courage to pursue a less travelled road is the sure way to make a difference, else you become like the many others who dance to the loudest tunes in the world. The tunes of poverty, hunger and hopelessness!

Take time and build a good image of yourself, the image full of positivity in attitude and energy and with certainty, say, “I have a dream, and I shall live the dream . . .” Sit back and take time to listen to the echo from the world, watch the reflection from the world. Listen to the sharp voices who say you can’t, listen to the criticism from all spheres, but learn to pay attention to the most important yet most ignored voice, the one from your heart that says “Go ahead and live the dream.” Set the pace today and here the universe say, “YES YOU SHALL LIVE THE DREAM”… It’s possible!

An Article of inspiration by Brian Bosire Onyi