Where are we headed as Africans?

When we are busy Killing each other in cold blood,… When all we see in other people is their tribe, their Religion, their country or Race?
This week has been a horrible experience for the African people., Just recovering from the loss of 147 young promising Kenyans who were murdered mercilessly by Al-shabaab radicals(Fellow Africans), who claim to be human beings, We are now witnessing inhuman acts in Africa’s economic Giant, South Africa, Fellow Africans murdering and even lynching fellow beings for No sensible reason. Even animals of the same species know how to take care of their own, what is humanity turning into?
What’re we Africans portraying to ourselves, the next generation and the world at large?
…That we are too foolish to sort our problems out, that we are too inferior to even our own body, soul and spirit!
Africa needs magnanimity and sobriety else we loose it all. The whole chorus of “Africa rising” is fast changing into “Africa in a Ditch”. we have all the resources, and all the labour to develop our continent. We have the best brains to create the best for fellow Africans. Since the ancient times, Africans have formed the best slaves in labour market but NOT best masters! Unfortunately, we don’t want to use all this power. We have indeed turned into ideal slaves only listening to the masters’ whistle, even when the command is to stab ourselves to death!

We love to Act foolish, so that we can feel secure by just a mere pat on the back from the western powers for our most silly things we do. We love to act so desperate so that all the attention in the world is directed to us, We love just receiving for all the bad reasons. We let our very own to starve to death so that we can receive aid to save our own. We kill and displace our very own so that we “Attract Aid ” and recognition from the “selfishly Caring” international community.
We love it when our brothers and sisters tear in pain and cry helplessly as we drive bullets, machetes and arrows into their flesh!
We feel happy ruining our economies, burning down flourishing businesses, and even disrupting transport so that our first door neighbour weeps and joins the league of the “poor and begging”.

When The south Africans complain of “foreigners” taking away all the jobs and opportunities, It leaves me wandering if this justifies bloodshed and death in foreign soil.
This world will only be build by the wise and aggressive people, and I acknowledge the hard working south African citizenry, but what if all the other African countries decided to be that selfish, to Kill any foreigner who seems to graze on their greener pastures?

Time has come for us to embrace African dynamism and use it for the better of the continent.
It feels sad when you look around and see Arms manufactured from the “west” on African hands, used to kill and shed African blood, so that the “Developed world” can come with their white clothes to wipe our tears. Now who is silly here?

We Africans Must learn to treat thrush as thrush, even when it comes from the self proclaimed “Most powerful”. We are beyond the world mercies and world justice systems. We need to be and Act as our own bosses. But when we kill each other, we kill the African development spirit.
Just like a kid who can be enticed with a sweets to reveal the secrets of the family to the enemy, We Africans Have perfected this, constantly revealing our weak points to the enemy, only to receive the bullet into our “foolish” minds from our very own “foolish beings”. Are we not learning?

Must we sing the songs of sorrow forever? NO. We can get better than that. Me and you are young enough to learn from all this. We have brains and so should we learn to know foolish from wise. No one buys a sword from the enemy to stab himself, only fools do, and its always joy to the enemy!

An article of Concern By Brian Bosire Onyi

Lets think Africa! Lets stop Killing our own. Lets Own our Own!