One of the great men I admire is the man Strive Masiyiwa an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has dedicated most of his time to inspire a new generation of leaders in all their preferred fields. He is one of Africa’s most generous humanitarians. Masiyiwa has used his wealth to provide scholarships to over 100,000 young Africans over the past 20 years through his family foundation. He supports over 40,000 orphans with educational initiatives, as well as sponsoring students to universities and funding initiatives in public health and agriculture across the African continent. In 2014 CNN’s Fortune Magazine named Masiyiwa one of the 50 most influential business leaders in the world.

Being the founder of Eco-net, one of the biggest telecoms company in Africa and beyond, He has a lot for the young people. I’m a keen follower of his posts on Facebook and the latest got my attention. Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence and determination.

Whenever I meet the beautiful energetic young people, they have it all. I see the brightness in their eyes and acknowledge their vision and determination to achieve their dreams. I’ve always believed that all dreams are valid, and that their validity is always dependant on the fuelling power behind the dreamer.

Some of our dreams remain fantasies only because we don’t culture the necessary ingredients to help the dreams flourish. A successful man lives by the diet of calculated risks, and sustained by the determination to create a difference despite of the many reasons to quit. Strive put it clear in one of his recent posts that nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence and determination. Education, Genius Talent, all this are just the ingredients because the world is full of talent but little do we benefit from talent. With all the ingenuity in the world’s many scholars, nothing can be forthcoming unless they persistently work towards realizing a dream.

There’s this African notion that an educated man is a wealthy man. As a new generation inspired by technology and the will to create new possibilities in the world, we have the responsibility to understand these. We are different! Technology and dynamism in our societies has changed the way people pursue success. The world has revolutionized the way it presents its opportunities to the people. It filters the innovative from the knowledgeable. .. Because over time, survival of the human race has been dependant on innovativeness and ability to constantly be in pursuit of solutions for their challenges.

Education alone won’t be a measure of success, yet no man is destined for success without knowledge. To strike a balance between the two, innovativeness and wisdom is what counts. I believe that wisdom is not the acquisition of knowledge but rather knowing which knowledge is worth acquiring. And this is specific to every individual. We all have unique abilities, talents and creativity. Knowledge should be a source of curiosity to help you dive into your world of abilities NOT a limiting factor to fall for anything that life can offer. Education should be YOUR own key to open the doors of your limitless abilities, talent and creativity NOT a key to securely lock your thoughts and mind into the limits of the present’s standards.

Sometimes life is all you have to offer yourself. We are all exposed to the same world, but our attitudes, our vision and our ability to cut our own niche separates the human race in terms of class, wealth and success. Most of us tend to think that with all our educated minds, we have a direct guarantee to success, all the access to the doors of wealth and prosperity, NO. I’ve always believed that the very basic tool of success is having an enlightened mind, an educated mind. Education is what raises you to the world standards, to be like everyone else in the world who ‘Knows what every Learned person knows’, But is that all? Human beings are meant to realize their full potential not stay stunted at the world standards of grades, Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters or PhDs. all these are a measure of how much the world has offered you. Every successful man never asks what the world has offered them, they ask what they have offered the world.

I am a lover of technology, and any free time is mostly spent understanding my colleagues from the silicon Valley, home to the world technology, and richest men/women on earth, home to multi-Billion Dollar companies changing the lives of the world’s people through their products/services and Millions of Jobs, Companies that run the economy of the world’s “richest nation”, remitting Billions of dollars in revenues to sustain their nation! A keen look into this lets me see the impact of this Silicon Valley success on the state of African technology. Africans enjoy the technology from the Silicon Valley. It’s unfortunate that the history of this great minds is in total contradiction to most world believes and systems.

The founders of these great corporations are a true manifestation of what people can do for the world. We all adore Apple products, their elegance in design, and prestige in their looks. But when Steve Jobs decided to drop out of college and join Steve Wozniak, also a drop-out, to pursue a vision of changing the world, it seemed illogical. We all use a computer in almost all our daily actions. That was once a dream in the mind of the software Genius, Bill gates together with Paul Allen, a dream to power people with tools of convenience, people would not comprehend. At one point in our lives, we have used or seen a dell computer, a vision to build computers for the world’s people, and power them to enhance their lives, conceived by Michael Dell, He had a strong believe to offer the world all he could. Dropping out of college, he started Dell Inc. and ripped the fruits of determination and endurance.

For the sports fanatics, we all know what talent can fetch, how far a human being can prosper if they decide not to Eat from the world but feed the world with all they can. All these examples are a clear manifestation of success driven by the will to be a provider rather than a seeker. The African believes Pre-defines the human life stages as go to school, be learned with all the good titles, get a job and Earn! Little emphasis is put in people growing to be payers. The “earn” mentality has worked to limit our creativity, innovativeness and use of talent. All we want is sit back, relax and watch out for the Boss. We just want to stay imbecile!

I was listening to one of Dr. Myles Monroe’s talks and I felt challenged by his quotes. That the human life is like a seed and in a seed is a thick forest made of leafy and fruity trees. But this seed shall never blossom into a forest if it’s just placed on a tiled floor. It made an impression on me that indeed, all the potential, all the beautiful dreams and visions, all the ingredients for success are within us. We are the seeds of the world. All we need to do is expose ourselves to the right environment. We need to shape our attitude, water ourselves with knowledge , allow ourselves to germinate on strong principles, sustain ourselves with courage to face the strong winds and turbulence, shield ourselves with morals to protect us against predators and dream stealers, spray our young seedlings with persistence, consistence, patience and endurance to remain healthy in our course, and above all , grow strong enough to support all the others around us as they hold unto our branches and stem to reach for and enjoy our sweet fruits.

No tree enjoys its fruits! Let the people of the world have something to “Eat” from you. What can you do for the world?


A motivational article by Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2015