The strongest power that a human being can possess is the ability to have a concise vision, the ability to sell the vision and ability to execute the vision. The beauty of life is that it provides us with equal opportunities to pursue our missions in life. To create purpose out our circumstances. I’ve numerously met people complaining, living in lamentations without a better way of understanding their situation. People who could rather compare themselves with the “Rich Elites” courtesy of their ability to access a car loan or a mortgage, which they struggle so much to pay in their life time. The poor spend a lot of time thinking of their problems such that they fail to explore the possibilities that come with their situation. I understand that a man is better inspired while harbouring alongside the hungry teeth of death. When most desperate. The poor have a bigger room to envision a better life, full of meaning to both themselves and the world at large, because the essence of development is to raise the standards of the poor, and no monkey knows the habitat better than the natives.

It leaves me wondering on the best way to create a better impact in society, when all we do is victimise the poor, condemn the rich and have a growing “Don’t care middle-class” who rather stay away from the village, in the comfort of their life cycles as they struggle to maintain class.

Somewhere in A remote village in Africa, Kenya or even my home village in Kisii lies a Kid, born under horrible circumstance of poverty and ignorance, with less hope to for the future, because he does not even understand the present, only the past circumstances defining his situation. Born in a family of 10, being the last born, he grows knowing the limitations set by all his elder siblings, and the society around. This kid grows fully understanding his class and position in society, as the one who stands for nothing for he has nothing to offer other begging for casual work from neighbours. This kid is a representation of the numerous stories of kids around Kenya and Africa at large.

Indeed for us to grow as a country, as a strong nation built on values of Peace, love and Unity, We have a responsibility to play. There should be no excuse to allow the status quo to take root. Prosperity arises when men and women of vision, come out with such synergy to propel their common agenda forward. We all have divergent views in society and a nation at large. We are a democracy which gives every individual the power to be listened to, but we don’t have to be in tandem all the time. All we need is to open our hearts and feel the cries of these kids around the country, the people who are entitled to the future of Kenya.

At this moment, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of our fore fathers and mothers, just like they did at their times. We should keep knowing that our generation isn’t final, that what keeps the human race forward is their ability to not invest in today but the future. If we allow ourselves to believe that our generation is the supreme, we shall equally be ready to face the ultimate responsibility of fully living our dreams and delivering our forefathers visions, but since that can only exist in an ideal situation. We need to be responsible. Let’s not be the generation that dropped the button when it was being passed to us. Let’s remember that someone somewhere spent sleepless nights in the chilly mountain hideouts, bleeding into the thirsty dust, where the only hope of survival was the heaviness of the darkness! Let’s keep in mind the picture of that hungry kid with the vision of sitting in a cockpit to fly all over the world. Let’s have it in us that our present is a manifestation of the deep sorrows and struggles of somebody behind us, and the worst that we shall do is letting all that bloodshed, buckets of tears, marks of struggle and the unpaid debts be call for more strain.

Let’s live a life of a youth who believes in the future. A young man who believes in posterity not hostility. Let’s live knowing of the responsibility that come with our immense power to create and disrupt. We have it all. If we want to shut the nation, we can. If we want to put an end to the future, we can, if we want to shade blood, we can, and if we want to waste ourselves we can!!!…. but we can’t do that… because it’s not our power, it’s the power of that bed-ridden old man and woman in the village, or that ageing father or mother who barely sustains her health. You took it from them, they gave you the power to serve not to Kill, nor destroy. Because if you did that, the beautiful Kid who shall call you dad or mum won’t have anything left for him.

We need to grow as individuals before we grow as a nation. We need to believe in our vision before anybody does and we need to take the initiative to be better brands that stand for something before we get recognized to lead the world. Just like the Kid in the village, we might decide to let go all our vision because of circumstance, but we better hold up our hands and stretch our muscles against the circumstances, because it’s not about today, but tomorrow. It’s not about us, but about posterity.

A man’s worth can’t be measured by the wealth or poverty of today, but rather his value in the future, and that’s all in the mind, we have brains and we have the power of imagination. The power of letting go the present and work towards a brighter future, because it’s our time.

Right now we are the new, the trending…A few years from now we shall be the old and be wiped away, to leave way for the other new. Live for something that upholds your legacy. Long live Kenya, our beautiful nation.

An article of inspiration By Bosire Onyi