As a move to end 2014 enriched with wisdom and understanding, I decided to hold COFFEE CONVERSATIONS, with fellow youth, where we met over a cup of coffee , and discussed all matters life. I was thrilled with the experiences people face. Of more importance was the ability of these youth to articulate their issues in style and inspire people to join hands and  take the first steps. the power of the First step.

On the other hand, I saw desperation in fellow youth. Resigned faces, some aimlessly doing things without any course of action. It’s saddening to realize that what we treasure so much can be the turbulent behind our own failures. Its true for the youth. We are the treasures of the world, yet some of us have lost direction, irresponsibility is the order of the day, always creating chaos and being used to disrupt any positive advancement. All in the name of “a new generation” with no limits.

Every time I sit back and  analyse the situations we find ourselves in , I  can’t stop seeing the lots of possibilities that arise from the numerous challenges we’re facing., I don’t believe in fantasy,  but still, I’ve come to realize that most of us , the powerful and mighty youth rarely believe in the factual nature of life.

Two weeks ago, I lost a wise friend, knowledgeable woman, the house of wisdom. Throughout the time I interacted with her,  My grandmother couldn’t end a conversation without a few English lectures, on the power of Imagination , the beauty of being reasonable even in times that call for hasty reaction and anger. At 97, she had all the reasons to feel resigned and withdraw from what the world could offer, But still she had a vision, she had dreams to be fulfilled. She was on a course to ensure the world is better for today and tomorrow’s generation.

A true embodiment of genuine leadership, somebody who inspires by both action, passion and a call to being true to one’s self and the people around.  This memories triggered my emotions, especially when I met the youth, barely 20 years old being visionless.  I feel overwhelmed by the immense power possessed by the youth. if wasted, we are all wasted. We shall be the people to carry responsibilities to change the world.

we are the wheels that shall propel the next generation to a better end, but are we up to the task? do we really have the stamina to keep pushing beyond our myopic abilities? I’ve always believed that a man is as big a his imagination, as wise as his ability to turn hopelessness into purpose, and ability to turn impossibilities to opportunities for a better impact. As the people who run the world, we should understand and value our action. wherever you decide to act desperate, you kill the synergy of the others. you disintegrate the collective vision and divert attention to the wrong call to action.,

The beginning of success commences at the start point. success isn’t a finality, success only implies that there is a bigger challenge on course, its a proportional measure of your persistence, consistence and passion. We should all expect nothing less than failure upon successful leap ahead. But what determines the next success is attitude. Some of us will simply agree to the forthcoming failure, and remain imbecile.  Others shall brace for the next big challenge. these are the few who move the world forward, even in the slightest things they do, they create impact.

All of us are leaders, and all leaders are readers, lets stay informed on the happenings of the world, and more so gather knowledge not for papers but for our own development. let’s be the forces of nature that speaks for the world through our actions. Let’s be the leaders to proclaim the image of a society that cares and listens to the cries of the future generation. Its our time and nobody can stop this force, unless we decide to let it go.

#No impossibilities, Only opportunities.

An article of inspiration by Brian BOSIRE ONYI