2014, the year IT WAS. The year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 14th year of the3rd millennium, the 14th year of the 21st century, and the 5th year of the 2010s decade.

The year that marked the rise and fall of many things, with a number of success stories and quite an equal measure of failures. It was a year of remarkable learning events, with challenges from all corners of the world. For the leaders, the youth and all men and women of vision, it’s the year to reckon, either due to the overwhelming shortfalls of our dreams and visions or the immeasurable success beyond the expectations of many.

This has been a big year to me. So I believe it has for the fellow men and women, the youth. I realized that leadership is never a destiny, it’s the beginning of a journey, rough, bumpy and tough. For you have to empower others, not impose rules upon them. It’s a time I learned that the foundation of ones’ success is anchored at the same level as the vision bearer. The energy towards realization of the vision is fuelled by the amount of motivation you get. I learnt that Motivation, intention and the end goal vary, even when the vision and mission may bind us together.

As it were, Life shall never be fulfilling, unless you decide to redefine every circumstance to either a learning session or a smiling one. Once you realize that it’s never about failure anymore, neither is it about success as a destiny, but rather a series of lessons and opportunities to learn, and taking a step towards our dreams and vision.

2014 Marked the death of over 7000 fellow human beings in the Ebola outbreak, a series of terror attacks in our beloved country Kenya, The year of increased tension and war all over the world, the Middle East, Ukraine, with the ever growing threats by the Islamic State. The indisputable number of deaths on plane crushes. It has been a year of a handful challenges, but worth lessons to live by.

For people of hope, vision and compassion, 2014 goes down as the year of great impact. Lots of lessons to inspire positive change, with numerous reasons to lose hope for the future, 2014 unveils an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and brace for the 2015. It’s the time for the leaders to exercise their ability to lead their people to prosperity, because failures and challenges are the best means of bringing out the inner blaze to spur change.

I met wonderful people. Visionaries, people with might and power, all in their vision, and commitment to success. Young men and women who sacrifice their sleep, their leisure to keep the wheel of success spinning. I look at these people and I’m truly inspired to go an extra mile. These are the people who give others hope, even when evidence of the centrally lies explicitly. These are the leaders, the few in society with an extraordinary eye to sport opportunities for their colleagues.

Those with an extraordinary hearts to accommodate all, and those compassionate about the unfortunate challenges in our communities. Those with the extraordinary minds to offer solutions to the most difficult situations for the sake of their nation, willing to sacrifice their egocentricity for the betterment of society and build a nation.

People united by the vision to change the world. These are the leaders we all need. To them, let’s not at any point relent. We are the leaders and despite of the myopic majority in society, let’s move our way in our few numbers and create a worth course for the numerous majority followers. Leadership is the ability to embrace your enemies, the ability to harness the synergy of the opposition to better the community. Cheers to these people.

And Now, a  new dawn has began. May 2015 be the year of greatness. the year to explore possibilities together and manifest the power of vision. May we groom ourselves as true entities of society with passion to better our societies and  nations. May we be leaders to serve not with lust to have.  Lets light up the hopes in  others and be the reasons for plenty smiles to the gloomy hopeless lot.


My Wish to you: STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH- don’t fall into the trap of comfort.

Make 2015 the year of servitude, positive attitude, highest altitude.