onyi kenya

Once again, the season of happiness is with us, but not happiness for all, it’s our responsibility to distribute joy to as many people as possible. What have you done? Are you worth your presence? Let’s challenge our role in society not with the egocentric perspective but selfless eye to make a better self and nation at large In this festive season, I wish that we all show compassion to those in need of our support. This is the season to be closer than ever before, a season to bring out the humanity in you, the season to enhance love and coherence as an individual, community and across nations. At this moment, we should know than ever before that we were never born to be served but rather to enhance servitude, because in servitude lies the biggest of all virtues. It’s through our selfless acts that we shall endeavour to heighten coherence in society. It’s through servitude that we create bold relationships and friendships that make us grow, and this is the best time ever to create a friend a day. It’s time to open up your hands and feel the beauty of selflessness. We should all understand that it’s never a uniform world, that we are not all equal in riches, but yet it’s a world of equity, where each and every person has more than something to offer. My wish to you all is to open your hands wide and receive the season’s blessings as people receive from you what you have to offer. In celebration lies exploitation. It’s a simple message that we ought to learn. As we celebrate, let’s remain conscious of our actions and understand the responsibility that comes with joy and excitement. I call upon all to ensure that their celebrations aren’t liabilities to others. Rather, let’s all be willing to experience the spirit of charity. Being charitable is a step away from being successful. Because you’ll always know that the best motivation to your goals is being appreciated for a step towards them. Let’s be men and women of vision, guided by the beauty of our decisions to our prosperous destination, not as individuals but as a people with the drive to execution. Let’s consolidate our synergy despite of our class differences and ensure that we better our relationships during these season. It a moment to foster better understanding, a season to share in food, drinks and better, share the beauty of our intellect. It’s time to be proud of our diversity as a people and understand that at no point do we expect uniformity, but still understand that it’s in diversity that our energy lies. And that best we can do is to use our diversity to spur positive change in society and rekindle the fallen heroes and heroines in us. It’s time to exchange shoes, to understand others’ problems better, not while riding in comfy and luxuries but being with those in need. You will be surprised by the overwhelming riches in spirit, vision and might in the poor in material. Take a moment and listen to them, understand them and show compassion. You’ll b amazed by the immense untapped talent and solutions to your own problems. The poor, the orphaned, the widows, the physically/mentally disabled, all these are part of the beauty in society. And your state is always influenced by their existence. Make them feel yours too. Be with them and smile with them. For every smile you share, you receive many of them. It’s a healing for the heart. How I wish you and I make it a personal responsibility to bring joy not just to our families, friends but society