51 years down, is it worth?


KenyaMap Bosire Onyi

It’s a norm that every 12th of December is never a normal day. ..Especially when it falls on a Monday or a Friday like today. To many of us, it’s not a government holiday but an extra day in what always seems a short weekend. But is there really need to call it a national holiday “celebrations”?

To me, 51 years down the line, we should be ashamed of the few notable steps we have made, especially in the political field. That 50 years on, we still have to politicize national matters that affect poor Kenyans struggling to have earn meal a day in a quarry, even when death threatens.

Its 51 years now and still we talk of egocentricity in Kenyan leadership. When only the same rhetoric is heard from the government on challenges that the country has always faced since independence. It’s true that we should smile seeing each of these annual celebrations, because to us, it’s a great luck and form of appreciation for the grace to see our survival for an extra year…. not because of the milestones we have achieved as a country. In any case, one could die at any time, nobody is secure, unless you are the president to be guaranteed an escort in an armoured vehicle!

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In fact, liberalization of leadership with the presidency fighting to remain politically relevant through extremely good PR, and an opposition that has continuously taken lead in creating news headlines through threats and empty words. The country is losing its ability to move forward because words alone and good image of the government and presidency does not provide security nor put food on the table for the million poor families in Kenya.

It’s sad that 51 years down the line, when we rejected the whites’ domination and brutal rule, we still took up the rule ourselves and imposed them on the millions who were desperate for a true understanding leadership. We still talk of marginalization yet we pretend to live by the spirit of the constitution.

Of course, as citizens, we have a role, to be patriotic to our country…but patriotism doesn’t call for being a “yes man”. Patriotism involves pointing out the wrong and standing for the right values that govern humanity and togetherness… Unfortunately, our self-branded leaders are fighting against this. Through stringent laws and bills that are aimed at muting the media. The rules aimed at shutting the civil societies, freedom of expression, -all with the aim of locking the government in a comfort zone, free of scrutiny, with less accountability.


Am personally saddened by these move, when the government tries to cover up the wrongs within its ranks, and painting itself glossy colours of care and wellness. With the media shut, only to report what the police (Government) approves, I think mattresses shall continue burning in Westgate and hundreds of virtual al-Shabaab shall be killed, only for the real al-Shabaab to come after defenceless Kenyans for their life!

In the spirit of Jamuhuri day, I call for new generation leadership. Most self-proclaimed leaders have manipulated desperate Kenyans to earn their positions. Let them be warned. The youth are ready to take this country forward, politically, economically and socially. We are the visionary leaders to push for better policies and laws, we are the entrepreneurs to take advantage of these good policies and laws to create employment and riches for our country-men/women. We are the development champions in social matters, ensuring our social safety nets and charitable funds help the less fortunate in society. We are the people whose minds are beyond the primitive tribal mentality. We are, and forever shall remain the ever energetic, not to shout senseless rhetoric again but inspire a new generation breed of leaders to better the lives of Kenyans and Africa at large.


It’s a promise to friends, my country-men/women that I’ll always do my best for a better society. Join me as we better the lives of individuals, and Kenya at large.

A call for Change by Brian Bosire Onyi