bosire ONYI

“When a big tree in a forest falls, it Kills with it the young healthy vibrant ones….But still, When a forest is made of tall trees, even the weak creeping plants will rise up and stay healthy.So can trees stop growing tall to safe the lives of the young upon its demise?… or continue rising and inspire the young to keep growing?”

I’ve met people with the desire to change the status quo. I love sitting back momentarily and look at the happenings of the world, the actions of these people and the extent to which they are willing to stretch to make contact with their ultimate goal. Sometimes, its inspiring , and in other cases demoralizing.

We all have visions, beautiful goals , constantly adding value to our  mission that we’re relentlessly in pursuit of. its true that a man is as good as his vision. The ability to dream big and create the exact mental picture of  your future is the most fundamental aspect of true leadership, especially at individual level. But at the very beginning of all this lies a big question, whose answer creates certainty upon which your vision shall be built.

What inspires your actions? What gives you the power to keep pushing through the tough moments in life… What brings certainty in your endeavours?

It takes such trivial questions to create world heroes and great personalities. But its also true that lack of answers to this questions is what it takes to bring  world full of lamentations and suffering among its inhabitants.

The world is full of noise, hisses and neighs emanating from all corners of the earth…but amongst all this is that one voice of reason, coming as a whisper that only the attentive shall listen and prosper. The biggest question is , How many of us are attentive  enough to head to this one voice,  Most of us get carried away by the world dances, dancing to every tune  we come across, and eventually, our dance lacks flow and meaning. slowly, our brand , our true self and our focus get washed away amidst all these noise. Its  never recoverable! We let lose our focus on our vision, dreams and goals as we struggle regain our self worth…and its all finished.

We all admire good stuff, Good people, and everything good about life, but as superficial as we can be, we don’t realize what it takes to instil this admirable qualities into people. and the simple reason is that we often think that there is always the smart one, who is well “made” to pursue perfection in any given area!  Little do we know that nobody is born superhuman, nor is  anybody born a hero, they are all made, in the same world as the one you are. the only difference is they Knew answers right about their source of  inspiration.

I’ve always believed that all we dream of, our visions and fantasies, are and shall remain valid until you decide to give up on them. And  one thing for sure is that Nobody has the magical power to disqualify your ambitions, although all have the right to challenge them.

bosire ONYI

…And the best answer lies in you. We should all realize that validation never comes from external influences but rather from within. You’ve got the power over all, your effort, your ethics and your principles. All this are the basic ingredients towards your success. at no point shall anybody manipulate fundamentals… because the moment you can trade your basics for bread today, you’ll lose your soul tomorrow. And without your core  blocks, everything withers off. The moment you allow people to infiltrate your heartbeat, you can dance to any rhythm , including cheering up for your death sentence.

You alone has the power to define your purpose. No one is smarter than you except you. the only reason why you cant be that change, or have that one thing you seriously crave for is because you decided to quit! Let nobody validate your quest. Only slaves do that, but we are way past that now. We are the leaders, leading ourselves to greatness, ready to create super brands of personalities that shall make the world admirable again.

Its all in us, because we set the trends, Being optimistic even when the world’s pessimists have all the reasons not to proceed. If we really want to see the extent of our power, lets all strip off the shame, the pride and shut our ears to the choruses of the hopeless. Lets Open wide our eyes to see how far we can fly,

lets give ourselves an opportunity to admire our own self, because for every action you undertake, the strongest response comes form the voice within you. If you can’t create a reason to love yourself, nobody will.

if you can’t create a responsible self by upholding your integrity and ethics, you shall remain a slave forever.  But once you realize that you are the setter of your pace, and you are the initiator of all the opinion that shall be used for or against you, you are truly destined for greatness.

because at no point shall somebody fight you unless they see the fighting spirit in you. We project an image to the generous world which projects it back right in front of us and the world at large. If we gave out the wrong image, the wrong actions and manifested our incapability, Your self esteem suffers forever.

A man built on principle shall stand the hurricane of fear, because fear is self generated, and it only engulfs one with self doubts. But for the men and women who uphold their ethics, principles and self worth , forever they will remain the brands of change in the world.

Be optimistic, don’t say “I’ll try”, Just Say, “Am doing it” because in trying their is a higher degree of expected failure, but in doing, there is certainty that gives you the courage and stamina to keep pressing till your  dream is unveiled.

Africa and the world needs People who have moved out of their own cages of fear, self pity and lack of principles  to make the collective dream of successful individuals, Great leaders and super brands inspiring change and telling the world that its in “Impossibilities ” That opportunities are met.

Let your light shine upon the world and the people around you. Don’t forever let your yesterday be your tomorrow… nor your today be forever. Let your passion out and let people be motivated by your actions of relentless pursuit. Do it for not just you but to all those you care about. keep lighting up Kenya, Africa and the world, one candle at a time inspiring one person at a time…Be a leader today. WE NEED YOU.

Just Remember that a tree that never grows to its potential will be cut out immediately. The taller the tree, the taller the forest, and the more the weak shall rise. Grow your potential and inspire the world with your uniqueness, …and don’t lose hope.

You might be the only bible some people ever read!


An article of on leadership by Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2014