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Author Bosire Onyi

Life is paradoxical. sometimes we don’t know what we really have to do. some of us don’t know who we  really have to be or who we wish to be. Its a dilemma that engulfs even the so called mighty ones. The beauty of it all is that nobody knows what the future holds. The only assurance of it being what you decide to believe in.

…but it is  just a journey. A journey to nowhere. sometimes its so blurred that we feel better giving up rather than struggle with uncertainties. May be what makes us fall short of our mission in life is that, we sometimes allow a lot of turbulence to define our course. We always tend to think that its better off without challenges along…. but as our human mind is, we always deliver best when we are faced with challenges. We always become super creative at our deathbed…. when you have no options left but to act.

I’ve come to realize that for us to conquer the force of nature that pulls us apart, we have  to confront it head-on. Life becomes irrelevant when you realize that there is no reason to live. When you realize that you have nothing to aim at. And any great person will tell you that its never that easy to be great. its a destiny you fight for…  and the worst thing you can ever do is to give up.

‘life can be beautiful when you wake up each morning to that anxiety. the anxiety arising from the urge to do something so great that will change your own perception. As a great person, you’ll realize that it all starts here.Perception.

As an aspirer of greatness, you always have a hidden hand that pushes you with less concern on the challenges foreseeable. you always learn to create a strong irrevocable opinion about your future that defines your course of action. you become self accountable. weather is rising early in the morning on a lazy weekend to add value to the day’s outcome.

We all have mentors and momentarily , wherever I have an opportunity to share a cup of coffee with them, it all comes clear that it is all in us. life is full of uncertainties , especially when you have to go against the majority’s mediocre actions. In society, there is always that smallest click of people who bring change. whose actions define the course of the majority,  you’ll understand your role in this if you find yourself off the smooth camouflaged path where you’ll hear chants and gossips but nobody to own a word!

Pursuit of greatness dictates that you have to be responsible enough to own your actions. You can dare because you are sure of your course. and the moment you can overcome uncertainties , and have it engraved in you that it’s all in you, then success is imminent. because the power must arise from you. the sustained effort, the patience, perseverance, strategy,… all these are internally generated, so don’ wait for them to be validated. Validation will erode your actions to suit the majority.they always yearn for more in their league.  Your dreams are valid until you give up on them!

Its true that you don’t realize how great you are until that moment when you hear it from somebody who’s experienced your impact …its also true that you don’t realize how far you are from being great until you find somebody doing more than you have. Its the beauty of life. It enables us not to settle and be carried away by the pride. it keeps us from having a static destiny, because only failures settle at a destination. great people always push the limits to reach for even better heights.

An article of Change by Brian Bosire Onyi.

My Hero, Nelson Mandela

My Hero, Nelson Mandela