Is it wrong to sell water? Or any natural resources…

Recently, I had a long conversation with friends after a short walk through down town Nairobi. It was overwhelming to see young people sited under water culverts and hiding under bridges not because of shame but rather to catch a nap off the rainy muddy corridors. Its day time and everybody was busy doing what they felt is doable to grasp a coin for the day. In my short walk in the down-town, a lot of questions arose in my mind and in no time I had to reach to friends and share it out.

Society has created things to suit them. I realized that what we call society is a group of people who set the rules. People who know how to set the trends for others to trail. People that manipulate and dictate the terms of their offers…. and we all often fall short of our dreams, vision and action to act under their spell.

We have turned everything a means of wealth creation. With one philosophy, money at hand justifies the means. Sadly, we are all wrong in this. Money isn’t everything. It’s a means not a justification. I’ve seen what money can do to people. It takes away the humanness in them. We’ve lost many to this. At the end of it all, all we remain with is a society full of egocentric niches, trying to steal from one another. And the poor play hostages crying for the “weak hearted” merciful ones to surrender. Unfortunately, before any of the classy niches surrenders, the hostages have to be killed.

I’ve always seen the world a fair place for all. Having enough for all, but why do we struggle a lot to create unnecessary scarcities?

We have learnt to use the plenty available a tool for oppression. We have valued the valueless. We have set limits to the limitless. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that all this limits we set confine us into total darkness that we never see the light again. The light of the future never penetrates our eyes again. We lose it.

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Through my life, I’ve come to believe that the only barrier that we have in life is the one within us…Likewise the only motivation we have lies in us. We all decide what to believe, what to subscribe to and what to act upon. As much as we always try to put our blames on others, the fact remains that your believes shape your actions and your actions shape you. The moment you start believing in anything that derails your abilities, you begin to put off the candle in you. You begin to shine less and your image about yourself fades away. You lose a clear vision of who you are and there you are! trailing what everybody does,  not knowing the true you. That’s how we’ve killed the sense of care within us. We have appreciated ourselves as “The monsters” and the bigger you can eat, the better.

Think of what we have done to land…
By turning land into private property, it changed the way we think and the way we view things. It thought people how to own anything. All the natural resources can now be traced back to a virtual owner who decides when and how to give it away. It has turned the world a platform for hate and contemptuous practices.

Even when we have to face reality and listen to the truth, people don’t want to hear the truth, they want sound byte, celebrity gossips scandal.
This is sadly true.  News doesn’t have to be true but just entertaining.
Our morals are eroding… but with all this, I believe we should not dwell on what we think but ask ourselves what we have to do.  Many who are really trying to effect this change often face enormous resistance, with threats of being shot down, but at that moment what matters is their reason for pursuit of such a vision.

Sometimes it seems like an oblique picture, but it isn’t. It’s real. Just look around town and you’ll really feel it. The basic nature of life is that people are all good. You can see it in the morning when we all have to rise and commit our actions to those we love. We can see it in the busy streets when everybody is busy looking, making ends meet and put food on the table to share with those they care for. So where does the aspect of us being bad arise?
Truly speaking, love comes much easily than hatred, only that when egocentricity sets in, we all fight against ourselves. Seeing competition in all around us. We begin to fight for the few resources that we have… the resources we call few because some of us decided to keep the lions share for ourselves! Why…
what do we really have to do that?

Please spare time and think along with me, because we are the creators of our problems, and so can we solve them and change the world.

An article of Concern by By Brian Bosire Onyi.

Auther Bosire Onyi

Auther Bosire Onyi