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Its inspiring to move around and interact with the brightest minds in Kenya and beyond. Listening and seeing the youth rise with such vigour and passion with the goal of creating an impact in their society. offering hope to the hopeless. Unveiling opportunities  and unlocking the possibilities to those in total need… I’ve always believed that a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. and this is what keeps us going. Its what makes people great.


In  honour of those of us in the move to create a better, responsible  society, I had an opportunity to talk with a young visionary leader. the director of Kids Comp Camp. Mr. Caleb Ndaka.

Kids Comp Camp (Computer Camp) is an ICT-driven platform that seeks to front the spread of digital literacy amongst kids in rural and marginalized communities.

The main objective of the program is to impart digital skills as a vital life skill in this day and age to these disadvantaged yet able kids.

Along My conversation with Mr. Ndaka,  it dawned on me that, for any success we see and want to be part of , there is a story underlying. A story of passion, persistence, consistence and more importantly, patience. With this, everything is possible. I was quite inspired by the much they could do with the little resources they had. Galvanizing the support and seeing their vision turn real. I learnt that sometimes, its not about a pocket full of cash that gets it done but a heart full of love and care  and a hand willing to give. It brings great satisfaction seeing the young kids eagerly waiting for that time to touch and feel the magic of computers.

“In April 2014, we held our maiden Kids Comp Camp in Masii Township Primary School. The 3 day Camp ran over the Easter Weekend from 18th to 20th April 2014. Through this camp we were able to train 60 kids, ages 10 to 13.” Mr. Ndaka

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It was evident that most of us  don’t sometimes realize the opportunities around us. I’ve always believed that nobody is going to get it done for us.We have to be involved and act. We define the level of success we all want. Knowing this right, The Kids Comp Camp creates an opportunity for the youth to be great. To be part of the few whose actions creates an irrevocable brand of their personality. The opportunity to be a mentor of the future generation.

I personally believe that the most crucial asset in any human being is the ability to be dependable. The ability to be of help to somebody. The most basic idea of humanity is the feel of with reason. …and the moment you realize that this can be achieved through simple actions of servitude, that can be limitless. That’s the true pursuit of greatness.

With the vision to impart a million kids living in rural and marginalized communities in Africa with digital literacy as a vital life skill, Kids Comp Camp stands out as such an innovative approach to a social problem that we all fight and together, we shall build  the future Africa. A generation full of information, and with information comes power.With this power, We shall turn impossibilities to opportunities.


Its amazing that people understand that together, we have the power. Its a spirit that we should live with.Knowing that a man wrapped up by himself makes a very small bundle.

To the fellow youth, this is an initiative we wanna be  part of. Its a movement to bring the power of technology to those who only dream of it. Its an opportunity for us to manifest our ability to create change. We are all smart in our diverse talents and abilities.  and  the greatest opportunity we can all have is the power to brand ourselves through our actions. Lets be the change that we wanna see in the world.

Remember, a man aiming at nothing has a target he can’t miss. So don’t miss in action. Aim at the action.

I take this opportunity to honour Mr Ndaka and the Kids Comp Camp team. I owe you a cup of coffee!


An article of honour by Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2014