Life can be Fun. Fulfilling and Joyful. Not forever but sometimes…

I’ve always believed that life is a sinusoidal trajectory to be followed by us human beings. Today you’re at the peak, and shortly, you’re down again.  and our role is to try and balance in-between the two extremes.

Interacting with each individual, they all have dreams and goals. ..some of them so overwhelming that They feel intimidated to share them out.

but over a few days now, I’ve tried to observe and be keen enough to understand what all this signifies. So, what makes our dreams and goals seem so complex and overwhelming…? and why do we end up in the world of hallucination rather than live our dream?

it all goes down to the key driving force within us.
and as human beings, what drives us is the quest to feel important. and in order to attain this, we tend to seek actions that propel us to that peak that we desire.

May-be this is where we have had it all wrong. By putting our quest for recognition at the heart of our actions, we compromise our ability of sound judgement and decision making. we end up acting so desperate that we get caught up by our own actions.

This is a state that any successful person goes through.  …and many at times when I get caught in such a state, its only fair that I listen to my heart and mind first.

Sometimes, to do great things, you’ve got to be crazy about your actions. you’ve got to listen more of yourself and act with haste… because if you allowed yourself to listen to the many voices around the world, you’ll end up in a maze of decisions that originate from not within but rather without.
unfortunately, most people who listen to everybody else ends up like everybody else.
the end product of your decisions and actions will only be an extension of the normal day to day actions of individuals. they really wont make such a big difference.

if you really want to change the status quo, you have to go against the odds. you have to appreciate diversity, and know the difference between opinion and decision. you have to be founded on values that are generated internally  rather than outbound.

It reaches a time in the life of every individual when you have to choose. as we grow up, we are told that life is as so because it has to be so. a few individuals who defied this created the difference.
everybody talks of Change, and we are always thrilled by a change at least for the better, yet change is what we fight against. we all live in a comfort zone and sometimes, knowing that its our energy we shall spend to bring the change makes us lean back and say…am better this way.

Human beings want change. we all desire change, we all need something better  than what we had yesterday. … the only problem being, we hold unto our effort and keep coveting of the beautiful side of life.

I just realized that the only variable in effecting change and becoming a better being is effort.
all the beautiful things we see around were made by people who are no smarter than we. the only difference is that they never spared their effort. They used it!

I’ve always believed that beauty is a combination of constant effort and quality time spent on something. This is what we see,.. and as we all know, beauty is value and with value comes class and class is what we all desire.

so lets all allow our desires translate into actions rather than thoughts and just dreams,…

by this ,we shall have the ability to create our desires rather than lament about them.

If we all desire justice, we’ll act just.
For if we desire beauty in the world, we create beauty

For if you desire Success, you conquer fatigue.
…And for if we desire to be great, we act great.

This is the true way to change the world.

An article of concern by Brian Bosire Onyi.

© 2014