As a youth, am always excited by the energy to explore the wonders of the world.This is my moment to re-discover the world and re-invent my view about life. It  feels exciting…, especially when you realize that you’ve got a huge chunk of time ahead of you!

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to share with a cancer patient. Along our conversation, I got carried away by the words from this gentleman. As optimistic as he was, all he said was, I hope I have more time.

Many at times, we never realize how short life can be. We always switch our minds to this limitless life, with the illusion that we’re at home,… we’re here to stay! –no! What makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever. What makes it precious is that it ends. And we should know that than ever.

As youths, we live in our own virtual word where all we see is a limitless life. We fail to understand that our life is limited. We get carried by the illusion that the world has owners who get to carry our burden for us,… little do we realize that, as time rushed by, we left all our most crucial assets way behind, thinking somebody cared enough to carry it for us!- Nobody is gonna make things done for us but we!

It dawned on me then that there’s a lot of noise in this world, and that people are not going to have an opportunity to remember who we really are, or what we really did, unless we give them a reason to do so. And the best way to do this is not to follow any path but rather create one and make a trail.

I feel overwhelmed meeting hopeless young people. Worse still, the incredible youth at the verge of being victims. Isn’t there something better to be done? Whose gonna be the teacher to teach us?

As I wait for the answers, I know one thing. If we can’t motivate ourselves, nobody will.We need to realize that when we seek motivation, all we look for is approval for self worth instead of generating it internally. We need to get off the hook of our presumed ‘gods’ and celebrities who we always imitate. We need to filter out our actions to suit our brand…,and the best way to do this is by acknowledging the fact that nonsense shall remain nonsense even if it comes from the most famous…or even when its glorified by the perpetrators.!

For now , here we are. Lets take the initiative to consolidate our power. Lets be the teachers of our generation and create possibilities out of the our situation. Be optimistic and lets tell the hopeless that their exist false hopelessness.

For the fearful, lets tell them all that hope conquers fear…,Lets learn to take up on issues.

To the strong, lets teach them that their strength isn’t theirs alone…, That if they keep their strength to themselves, they are bound to manifest their weaknesses among their fellows.

Lets teach each individual the power of collaboration. The power of unity and the power of empowering others.
Make them understand that the world can never be shake up by the power on one individual… Rather it can be trembled by the ability of the individual to inspire a multitude to join him.

Lets teach every individual to see greatness. Let their clear vision on the obstacles along their way be blurred by the passion, confidence and hope in their hearts.

Take it upon you to teach your fellow peers the power of the mind and heart.Tell them that might doesn’t lie in the muscles but rather the smartness of the mind, the emotional intelligence, the ability to relate and inspire people ….and above all, the ability to create  raging blaze in a flooding fireplace.

That’s how we shall be leaders. Leaders who don’t command but rather be in demand.

And  as for me , I’ve dedicated my life and actions towards teaching these lessons to the people., I’ve taken the initiative to inspire and bring hope to the hopeless in all my actions.
Because I’ve learnt that the only way to prosperity is to act as if we are already there.Not letting the obstacles of these world define our path.

I take this time to remind you that life is lack.
So don’t waste it living someone’s life.make yours count for something.fight for what matters to you.no matter what!
Do what you love doing because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live?

Don’t follow the path, make your own trail.

Bosire Onyi

An article of concern by Brian Bosire Onyi.

© 2014