IMG_20140108_174811_thumb.jpg I have a vision. A vision to make the world a friendly home for all. A home without discrimination. I envision a home of individuals who share a vision of positive development . I envision myself arise from the crowd with the aim of making people realize the opportunities around them. I believe in this world, each individual shall have equal chance to trigger exciting moments because nobody shall cry of the lacks and the unfortunate injustice that does exist now. I envision a world where the leaders shall lead by their actions and ability to manifest great principles , whose outstanding values will brighten the hearts and minds of the unjust,. Bosire onyi envisions a world of greatness. A world of reason. A world on no regrets rather happiness arising from the self motivating actions of each individual. I envision a world of possibilities where each individual has the ability to stand and be recognized by the great things accompanying his/her existence. I envision a world of no economic disparities. wpid-arch3D350.gif … a world where no individual shall be discriminated against because of tribe, class or social status. Wherever I wake up each morning, I think of this visionary world and am overwhelmed. Yes its overwhelming by just its thought,  not because am afraid of the task ahead but because of the Beauty of the great things that the human race shall gain from it. I envision that moment when no body shall take advantage of ignorance of fellow beings to lure them in the wrong path. … a world of true leadership based on principle and value rather than the spread of gossip, arrogance, intimidation and malicious pretence.

I envision a world of great people, people who are not necessarily united by the vices but by values that they share. I envision a world of great strong nations, whose strength isn’t measured by the the huge stocks of Armoury by the great unity and peace that exist among its citizens. A world of great leaders whose representation stands for not mere democracy but the virtue of tolerance and understanding among all. a world of nations whose people don’t take advantage of democracy to criminalize humanity.


A world driven by ingenuity and innovative minds whose true purpose is to unveil genuine opportunities for its people. Its a vision of this world, I’ll call home, comfortably without fear of being victimized of selfishness, because all resources shall be distributed among its hardworking citizens, who have the pride to call it home too. Its a big dream. But my believe is no dream can be bigger than the dreamer. We all dream dreams to live them…Because dreams show us that a better world exists than what we live in now. we all dream of great things we can do… And to achieve this dreams of ours, we have to cut short all the pessimistic aspects and manifest the power of optimism…

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For now, Am a Kenyan. A young visionary Kenyan .. A very optimistic youth who has the desire to make a difference in the country and the world. In this vision, One thing is Crucial.I Know after such a beautiful big dream, one needs to ACT. I believe, I am because of my actions and that of the people around me. And the only way to ACT and act big is to make all those around me to believe in this dream together with me. With this, an Unstoppable movement shall be created to manifest the great power and synergy of togetherness and oneness of Us as a people, as a nation and as a world…By this we shall create a great individual milestone in being great and being recognized as the great people of this world. Join me in this vision and lets change the world together. vision   An Article of Change by Brian Bosire Onyi