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Recently, I spared time to visit a children’s home. and just like many of my undertakings, they never disappoint.

In this quest, I met beautiful, smiley and innocent kids playing joyously… They were so friendly and willing to embrace anyone who showed concern. As I laughed and smiled with them , I realized that it was such an easy task to embrace them too and be happy with them,…because they gave me a reason to be happy…they reminded me that happiness is a choice despite of circumstance, …and satisfaction is key to this happiness.

As young as they were, They already knew that its never enough but still you’ve got to be courageous enough to be  content with what you have as you focus on something better, because this is the single best source of self esteem and avoiding the  trap of self pity.

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…So how many times have you found yourself in a state where you  desire to have something just because somebody has it…?

I must agree that anyone in this world was born to find some customs and culture to fit into. But unfortunately, this culture has turned us inhuman. slowly, its eroding our core values of care , love and togetherness. How?

Take time and watch your actions right now… what do they depict of you? Who are you ?… Believe me that some of the answers you’ve got are  already defined by society.

The society of made of capitalist customs has taught us to view ourselves in terms of your social class. It dictates that you are either rich or poor…. and as a rich person, you’re entitled to a “perfect” lifestyle.

…it has painted life the colours of egocentricity. It has taught us that all that comes with class is a treasure…. I’ll be frank with you on this. Its never treasure, it’s pressure!

Wherever you see all this so called Rich drive around, my advice to you is never covet their situation, they suffer more than you,.. only that they are good in faking smiles and making you believe that all well, when actually, none is!

Since Childhood, I’ve always believed that Comfort and happiness are inherent aspect of human beings, only that we work towards rejecting this.


in a capitalist society, money kills humanity, something I’ve always worked against.

Money has turned us monitors, we’ve believed that with money, you have the ability to supress all the others from getting what you already have. Why..

when the truth is, you’re only limiting your possibilities! Why pile packs of cash when somebody struggles so much to have a penny a day? can’t we have an equal, respectful, and charitable society, where humanity drives our actions rather than Materialism?

Wherever I remember that I’m working for money, i feel discouraged… because i know that it’ll never be enough, and so , I’ll never be satisfied. Through this attitude, I’ve learnt that when you put money as your motivation to achieve success, the truth is you get none! Because whatever you’ll be getting will only make you thirsty for more…and your goal of getting more demands more… the end result is a worn-out man ,.. desperate for happiness and a comfortable life.

I’ve always tried to define a comfortable life, .. but still trying to figure it out.

but in the process, I’ve got to learn lessons that  personally consider worth living.

I’ve learnt that in these life, we all dream big… we all dream of a life of “comfort ‘”  and its great to have this dreams because they give us reason not to settle. Frankly speaking… all we seek is to be lazy… do nothing other than issuing commands to the poor to serve us.

I feel so bad that the rich don’t consider themselves humans…, trading happiness for wealth… and whoever who cares, never has opportunity to act so…

we are constantly glorifying materialism and teaching each of our upcoming generation the necessity of riches. nobody seems to mention the great aspects of  a charitable society. Nobody talks of the good side of being a giver.

I wanna let you know this today, you have a life to choose. a life of materialism, where you decide to lock yourself in a leafy estate, be driven around in poshy tinted cars so no “Beggar” sees you… grow obese from junk in luxurious hotels , develop hypertension due to stress, have a heart attack ,develop cancers due to un-natural foods, and die a sad man  leaving people to fight for your perceived wealth!


Be a charitable person, who embraces all, ready to help and light up the desperate and  hungry fellow humans, be happy and live healthy in a communal setting full of neutrality.and of great importance, teach people that love, care and togetherness surpasses material wealth. By that, you’ll have left a legacy and left a happy generation who share your values of making the world a better habitable place for humans not rich monsters.

lets all learn to give when we can, serve when we can, and sell values not vices to others. lets learn to take responsibility knowing that the world is as i is because you are who you are.  a better you makes a better people around, and a better people make a better world.

lets learn to spread joy and at least be a reason for somebody’s smile… and to us the humble “Poor”, we are not poor, we are better as we are and nobody should take advantage against us… because for that to happen, we have to let them. lets show the world that we can be human beings once again.

{{To fellow Kenyans, we all acknowledge of our diversity. Lets not be cheated to carry grudges against ourselves.Ethnicity is just but a making of the rich to keep possession of the Riches and make us more of beggars. they never want us to be free from their mercy. Its sad. But with this sadness, I stand to enlighten YOU and Everyone else that, unless we let the “Rich” use us ageist us, we have the power to impart sanity by acting human all the time.}}


Together we have the power to change the world

An article of concern  By Brian Bosire Onyi

© 2014