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“Given an opportunity, I’ll Change the world. I’ll manifest my greatness and prove to all that I ‘am the long awaited revolutionary saviour…” this is what we all have in mind.the extra-ordinary vision to change the world…its great, its soothing…

but what does it take to be the great revolutionary person, with sound values and an inherent will to lighten people’s lives? What does it take to be a brand that depicts humanity, love and inspiration?… what message does your life, actions and voice communicate to the world?..

What is this thing that tells you that somebody is gonna give you an opportunity?…

the truth is, nobody is gonna provide that. it’s a competitive world and everybody is busy seeking…

you want to be great?,… do yourself a favour.Start creating yourself to depict who you say you want to be. because great people don’t wait for opportunities, they create them. They don’t look desperate, they never cry hopelessly because they know that they are the ones to provide all this… they are the ones to inspire, and be a voice of reason when everything else seem haywire.

I believe nobody is entitled to failure,  failure is what we get when we lose focus on the  wishes of the heart and get carried away by demands of the body.  because when you really want something, you never stop craving for it. you’ll have this strong emotional attachment to it that not even pain can quench t

he need for it.


the great words of a great man

Great people know that the essence of failure is to motivate more focus and energy to the goal, until the obstacle is overcome.

As you work towards your greatness, you need the real brand of yourself to sink into other people ‘s minds. you have to learn to create emotional attachment to people and create to mental contracts with them.Make them believe in your abilities …. the n the very people who could have thrown you stones shall be your shield and motivation to reach for greatness.

Great people know that people want to feel appreciated. people want to be a part of something great, although themselves never want to share credit. as a leader, and a great person, you have to learn to share credit. by so doing, you win support and inspiration to be a better brand.

As a great person, you have to learn to let your Ideas spread, because Ideas that spread win! You have to realize that everybody has ideas but they can’t make a difference unless they are executed. Make people realize the value in you through your Ideas.
Great people see things with an eye that no body else sees. they are capable of seeing opportunities in areas where nobody else does.  They see cold ice in a raging drought and go for it when everybody cries if thirst, hunger and fatigue… and all they do is rush into the blaze to collect the ice.

They are high spirited lots who don’t necessarily work on complements but rather their self drive, passion and the will to persevere, just to get to their vision.

Great people inspire. and the art of inspiration arises not from the motivating and soothing words of their peers and mentors , but rather from their inner voice.
They inspire because they have learnt to travel a lonely road in dusk, constantly conversing with their soul and mind.
They Have inspirational stories because they create them.

Great people are great not because they are inventors in life but rather the innovators. They are the  people who open their minds and soul to the cries of those around them. Not that they don’t have problems to make them cry, but because they have the strength and courage to let go their egocentricity.

Great people are great because they think crazy, because they believe that each problem doesn’t deserve a complaint but rather a solution. they don’t cry with you but they create a reason to smile with you. They have a covenant with humanity in their heart that they stick to…. and wherever they execute their plans, they spur joy and happiness among all around them.

Wherever theses great people are, people feel secure. The people around them feel sorted. They feel the warmth in their hearts. .. arising from the sense of comfort and satisfaction created by presence of greatness.
And wherever opportunity arises, great people never cease to brighten their stars,  they lower their ego but not their standard. they don’t believe in riches and wealth yet wealth just follows them around.The wealth of happiness, wisdom and love. They don’t invest in their bodies and ego, rather their assets are attached to humanity.

And these are the great people whose products we don’t buy… but we buy their brand. because they created value in themselves and learnt to share the credit to the world.

They are the people who know that the real value of humanity is measured by how much you invest in it…and the true measure of success is how much an impact you have created in people around you.
“if you can learn to see that great personality right through your brain’s eye, and infuse it with your own certainty, and internalize it in you that certainty doesn’t come from external validation rather from within, You can have everything that we wish and deserve in this world.”

Evaluate yourself today and be the great person you were meant to be.





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….the Inspirational article of Brian BOSIRE ONYI.

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