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sometime we’ve got to sacrifice our egoistic interests and serve humanity.
as human beings, we’re entitled to our ways. we all desire recognition by our actions.
we all need to feel appreciated. we all need to feel wanted and we always want to demand our space.

but in the quest to achieve these desires, we end up losing ourselves. we end up losing the core values of humanity…

…once every week, I take 30 minutes, sit down , have a cup of coffee… and think.
in this process, i let my mind wander away form this world to my own world of wishes and dreams.

in this dream , i see the world full of love, care and concern for others.
in this world,I live a life full of satisfaction not from all I own but all that I have enabled others to own.

in this dreamland, a moment of nightmare is unpleasant but it does arise.

i see greedy people, selfish people who don’t seem to have a heart. people who act with indecent behaviours.people who believe in cannibalism. those who believe in the “man eat the weak “ principle.

this greediness is intolerable.
in my dreamland, i see myself rage with anger arising from not hatred but the desire to impart sanity in this lost lot. the lot that consistently illicit hatred among the people.

with this anger, i rise up with bravery.
i take a quick look at the kids around me. i don’t just see them desperately taking up the awful character… i feel their cries for a charitable society to provide them with the best character to build their foundation on,… a society that could cater for them, the weak whose only voice is a feeble cry,
since they don’t have the muscles to intimidate with, and
… the cash and wealth to compromise others with….

its upon each of us to inspire the young generation

its upon each of us to inspire the young generation

We have the responsibility of making the up coming generation hopeful.

but one thing strikes my mind and immediately, i smile again.

I remember that they have a heart , full of love ,care and above all , they are just kids in the process of learning. I realize that i can be their teacher, to teach them how to love, how to cherish and how to appreciate the less fortunate,

I hear myself say, ‘kids, I know when you grow up, you wanna be rich… but I have to tell you this.,, the true wealth of a person isn’t measured by his possessions but rather his worth… and the worth of a person isn’t measured by his wealth but the smartness of his character’

…in the final sips of my cup of coffee, I start my journey back to reality, I find myself in-between the  two worlds. here, i feel overwhelmed by the few people i find… the few who decided to wander away  form the world’s greed,.. I meet with the greatest people, my mentors who have had great impacts on my ideas and personality, the adorable ones,… not because they were perfect but because they capitalized on character to change the world., Led by Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martha Teresa, Martin Luther King Junior,,… and amazingly , i see  myself join them.

all these people have left a legacy. Just by the mention of their names, one feels what they stood for, one opens chapters in his heart engraved with humanity, care, concern and Irreplaceable Change. Not that they were super smart intellectuals…, not that they ever appeared in the Forbes list of billionaires, nor did they have the muscles to intimidate! …all this was unnecessary because they had the strength of character, beautiful believes and principles that depict humanity.

as i Finally take my last sip, i remember one thing and I smile.
…that in this world, there are several avenues of success, several avenues to become celebrities, several avenues to influence people, but only one avenue to warrant  you an impact in other people’s character, an impact that all generations shall live to remember.
and that avenue is practicing Humanity. …being human not just being a human being.

IMG_20140108_174811I  can bet on these. ..that with a heart full of love, care  and concern, a strong believe in your principles and a strong character, prosperity will be bound to follow you.
lets spread the spirit of love care and depict value of our net worth in what we’ve got in us rather than the worldly goodies and silvery things.

you don’t need money to make a difference. ..all you need is being human and people shall let you be the one to change them.
take the first initiative now. make people around you believe you, trust you and depend on you to set a pace for them.

Wherever you spot me around, Just demand for a cup of coffee and lets let our minds to dreamland together.

I love you all…

IMG_20140208_133607a creative article by Brian Bosire Onyi

spread the love.

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