There are very few truths in these world and when you see one you know it… AND  I’ve seen one.

I’ve seen you desperate.
listen to me, its out of desperation that something really good happens,its when you realize that life is full of possibilities. and is that not what we all need?

…you don’t need fancy lifestyle, fancy cars , luxurious homes and to shop at classy malls to realize that you’re alive. All you need is the desire, passion and heart to learn to feel and cope with life’s challenges.

…you don’t need those PhD’s, degrees and those fancy titles (Dr. , Eng., Lawyer,Prof etc ) to realize how sweet the fruits of hard work, sacrifice , determination and passion are. All you need is a craving heart to keep learning and taking problems head-on, because you’ve learnt to realize that you were created to invent your own life, no to live somebody else’s life!

…to those who’ve lost hope because of REJECTION by the world’s competitive systems, (schools, institutions,  job market) you should realize that education is only a micro aspect to success. what matters is what you believe is great.And the only way to do whatever you want, as far as it might seem unreal,and illusionary, and futuristic…, is the passion and desire to keep doing it. the desire and passion to keep doing what you believe is great work… and great work always pays great!

…do this.,.take a moment and look around the world. most of the ‘REJECTED ‘ personalities are the ones who have changed the world. get it…? (get biographies of whoever you believe is great, and if you believe you’re great, look at yours, only that you’ve got to do it looking forward…)

…when you think that the world is against you , just remember that I BRIAN BOSIRE ONYI, believes that you are an extra ordinary achiever! I believe in those who’ve been tagged failures. I believe in what others seem to call illusions. I believe that impossibilities aren’t possibilities unless you let them be.

…so get up right now. take one or two minutes.close your eyes and open your heart. listen to the whispers that arise from it… believe me, those whispers are un-comparable to the loudest screams and yells that you’ve received this far… they are louder than those scarery voices in class that said you’re foolish…, they’re louder than those voices that called you silly… they turn those D’s and E’s on your transcripts into adorable excellence!…, they turn humiliation into pride… above all , all earthly those voices don’t know who you really are, what your real life mission is , and worse still they don’t even know what your passion, abilities and perfections are… if they knew ,they could have understood you!

… so listen to that voice that knows you better.your own inner voice.your intuition and instinct.these voices never mislead. they never force you to do what you don’t enjoy, the advices of these voices are the most trustworthy. those who listened to theirs never had to go to schools for those titles to be successful.they listened and employed the proud title holders.,,!

…they went against the odds and people called them silly, misfits in society… and indeed, their hearts knew that they were extra-ordinary misfits, who never fit into the world’s measures and standards.
so you’re a misfit because you aren’t like everybody else. you’re a misfit because you cant fit into the narrow paths that people squeeze into. you’re a misfit because you only fit into a wide, uncompetitive path that you create. its then that those who fitted become misfits in your own path… these is the time when you become the best fit.

so don’t worry about all those worldly, discouraging voices, its you and only you who knows and defines your destiny…

…get it from me that, people who can’t motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents and abilities.


…people are always blaming their circumstances for what they are, I , ONYI don’t believe in circumstances. the people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and , if they cant find them, make them.

…they called you a fool, ONYI says you’re the wisest because you showed them your inabilities, and they weren’t sharp enough to appreciate your abilities…!

…they called you a loser. ONYI says you’re an inventor because you rejected their overstepped muddy roads and you wanna walk on the one you’ve tarmacked.

I will only call you a loser if you REJECT your inner voice and be like everybody else, who dances when everybody dances, who cries when everybody cries,who loughs when everybody loughs, and fails when everybody fails… because then you,all be a mad loser!