Brian Bosire Onyi

By Brian Bosire Onyi

In this world, each of us has a message to communicate… apparently, you’ll realize that not all of us have the ability to project our message in the right manner.
I’ve always stated that in the eyes of the people, you’re who they see. people judge not by whom you think you are but by what you show them…and it’s already a fact that people will be more fascinated to remember what you made them feel rather than what you did for them.

so , how good are you in projecting your message to the world?,…
how well are you in making people feel your actions rather than seeing them?…
what feeling do your actions impart in other people’s lives?

These are questions that each individual, aspiring to create a brand of him/herself must ask.

Many of us yearn to be recognized yet we never know what we want to bee recognized with.If you, want to get there, you ought to get this right. You’ve got to answer all these questions right. and in order to get the answers, you only need to do one thing. Be YOU. don’t be a model of Yourself. let people feel the humanity in you. let people understand your flaws.Better off , let them Know that you’re better human with your flaws than without.Don’t try to hide them.YOU ARE NOT SUPER-HUMAN. you’re just a human being who wants to make a difference.

Being unique doesn’t mean doing all sorts of weird things, no,  You’re already unique.all you need is be you.don’t imitate.that’s how you’ll identify the uniqueness in you.and i promise you that once you identify that unique aspect of the real you, and take it positive, you shall be a brand of yourself.

lets learn to feel ourselves, listen to the whispers of the heart, follow your intuition and we’ll be a shining stars.Take advantage of your uniqueness,don’t allow it to be your weakness. it all starts with you.you are the maker of yourself. nobody is like you, and nobody shall be be you.so jump out of that cocoon of self despise, low esteem and know that you’re better as you not s somebody else.
Learn to confront the fears in you.don’t let the noises of those around you overcome your inner voice, because, your dignity, destiny and accomplishments all lie in your abilities, energy , passion and attitude. so spread your wings and fly.am looking up in the sky ,anticipating to see you way above the many.

I am changing the world because I’ve learnt to change myself.
Won’t you join ONYI in this?… Just do me a favour. Change yourself!!


Take time to draw ideas from your mind and Change the world.