by Brian Bosire Onyi


Am not a writer,and I’ve never dreamt to be one… but occasionally when i decide to write, something often emerges , that for you to write a good moving article, you’ve got to imagine it, feel it before you can express it.

Over the years, it has always dawned on me that human beings are all physically different , but the single best thing that unites them ALL is the sense of feel,the sense of care and trust amongst each other.

Feeling is an emotional aspect of the physical being that enables people ,miles away to communicate and share aspects of our physical interactions. It allows us to trust and believe in other people’s actions. that’s why you can buy a bottle of water comfortably without doubts of poisoning … you just trust that the manufacturer is Human and has a heart!

But how well do you utilize these intriguing  capability of human beings?

Well, we human beings always love fancy things, eye-catching, beautiful things and always striving to get the  perfect ones. Perfection is a wish in everybody’s life.we’re always striving to reach somewhere. unfortunately, whenever we reach there,we never settle there, and if we settle, we’ll be losers. That’s why perfection has no limits.The only limit is you and your imagination.

We all have targets, be it at our workplaces or individual goals. And in most cases, the only measure of accomplishment is getting to the finish line.I think we’re damn wrong in that…. Its not about getting there, rather its all about the satisfaction you get. Any creative arts, movie director or writer will tell you that before coming up with a script of his imagination, he has to be in the imaginary world…and the only way to be there in by Feeling their imaginations and actions.

May be i should ask,..how often have you done something only to disown it later because of its imperfections? sometimes we do things not because we want but because we aren’t keen to  tell what we really want. If each individual learnt the art of feeling our actions before imparting them into the physical world, the world could have been made of perfect and beautiful human creations.

While doing your work, never have the thinking that whatever you’re making isn’t for you. make it as if you were making it for yourself. Take  it as an avenue  to greatness, brand yourself through those  actions. Make each of your undertaking a  path to excellence, because excellent people are not the ones who stick to the obvious. they are those who do the extra-ordinary stuff. they are those who  manifest their uniqueness in their actions.

For us to gain the courage to do great work, we’ve got to believe that we’re have the justification and all the qualities that entail taking up the task. In the back of our minds,we should know that we’re great.all we’re doing is letting the greatness out to the people. Just know that IF YOU CAN’T BE SATISFIED BY THE RESULTS OF YOUR WORK, NO BODY WILL! and if you trigger un-satisfaction in others, it’ll be a sign of betrayal of the interdependence aspect humanity. You’ll be rejected!

If this could have been a world where people’s actions are guided by feelings, instinct and sense of value of fellow beings , No one will regret doing what he/she does, we’ll be appreciating one another and our passion guided actions would colour the earth with beauty, joy and satisfaction.

No one’s heart wants to hate itself…yet we teach our hearts to hate others. No one’s heart will lead him/her to doing sub-standard work, but we decide to follow our presumed body wear and fatigue  to do mediocre things.Unless we decide to take it up individually, and stop dreaming  of Superhuman capabilities to change the world, our Humanity,sense of care, trust,dignity and value for life shall diminish.we wont appreciate one another. We’ll only be comfortable building weapons of mass destruction, organizing wars and creating enemies at each instant of our actions. the world shall be a place of un-satisfaction.

a world engulfed by the spirit of un-satisfaction is a world at the verge of destruction. its only a matter of time before we begin trading our humanity for war.

I believe I’ll make a difference.You too can.Lets join our hands, thoughts and energy to beautify the world with better  actions!