“your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
don’t be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
don’t let the noise of others opinions drown your own inner voice.
have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

coz they somehow know what you truly want to become!” ~Steve Jobs

There is no reason whatsoever to make you hide who you really are,  what you stand for and what your aspirations are ….
In any case, we’re all naked in the eyes of the world …and the more guilt you feel of your nakedness, the more you lose to the world ..

If you learn to accept that the world only appreciates those who stand by their principles,
…the earlier youll turn around your miseries to fortunes and the conformist  shall create a shield around you, protecting your values, principles and vision!

There is a big difference btn being made and building  yourself!
Most of us have been brought up knowing that we’re supposed to be moulded into what we wish to be …


Little do we know that nobody understands you better than yourself …
Nobody will understand your vision and passion than you do. No matter how explicitly you try to say it out ….we won’t understand!

The source of prosperity originates deep down your heart
It’s physical manifestation being the strong obsession to pursue your passion.

you’ll notice by now that you’ll spend more time to effortlessly and successfully do what you love or waste more time sweating to do what you don’t like!.

People who don’t do what they’re in love with are the people desperately seeking prosperity (money and power ) ..not knowing that you never seek it ..its already in you. And your purpose in life is to manifest it.

People who follow their passion create better vision of their future and by this, they develop better networks to pursue their mission in life.

Success will always follow the passion in you.not you!  Excellence becomes the obvious byproduct of your passion,  because you’ll be effortlessly surpassing the expectations of your peers … the only competition shall be you and you alone.

If you think that somebody is caring and understanding enough to mould you into whoever you want to become, I dare tell you today that your destiny is at the verge of being destroyed …

May be we all lost it during our childhood when the world tought us that there is always somebody watching over us, correcting us and shaping us. .. we failed to understand that this was never meant to stay. It comes a time of maturity when only you knows what your values, strengths and passion are.

This is the time!

  It’s the time that the world expects from you. … you’ve got to take charge and fearlessly define your path.

You’re at your  best with your passion.

Our passions are always diverse. So don’t expect people, especially those who care,  to be cheerful at first on your decisions …
They’ll think you’re crazy and unserious, … because they think they know what’s best for you ….

But as I stated at the beginning,  nobody understands your destiny better than you …

… and once you learn to take this bitter decisions with an open mind,  you’ll come to reflect back and connect the dots…
It’s scary to stand by yourself but it’s out of this that you develop the charisma to let out your vision and create a whole new brand.

Its not about what people want but what you want for them.

Its not about the opportunities they have for you rather the ones you’ll provide to many others.

It’s all about thinking different because different is what brings the difference.

Now take charge and follow your passion… and let success and prosperity follow the passion in you. Go!!

The power of passion is irresistible.