While appreciating your abilities, don’t disregard trying new things, may be you should try things out and explore more of your capabilities …because if you stay in the same cocoon forever, your conscience shall judge your imbecility …and your efforts to stick by your assumed ways of practice shall work against you!

Learning is an intergral part of us.and it’s enhenced by our ability to interact and appreciate other people’s views.
Disregard these views at your peril.
A friend once whispered to me that whoever the inventer of the mirror was, must have been a lowly esteemed guy. He never appreciated feedback from people. He only felt secure by himself ..

Apparently,  most of us have followed sooth.
Each morning, before we move out of our homes,  mirrors are the first ‘entrusted friends’ we consult!!
… that’s pretty good coz we have to mind our looks!

How often have you hammered down that mirror on your wall just because it ‘sincerely’ showed you how ugly your hair looks? Not even once …as far as i can tell!

That aside, how many times have you hit someone for being frank with you?…
A couple of times,


We take feedback as a form of rejection wherever it does not warm  our hearts.

But believe me,  not all that soothes the heart suites you!
sometimes, you got to let the mind take control and separate between flatter and reality.

From my small research, I’ve found out that the hardiness to thrive the harsh worldly competition is obtained by gathering the courage to take up negative feedback  and translate it to exactly the opposite of it.
We call that swimming against the tides.

From my engineering background, to attain stability in any system, negative feedback is fundamental.


Any system operating on positive feedback will oscillate indefinitely and self destruction is the ultimate end.

So are we human beings. We’ve got to appreciate negative feedback,  because that’s what sharpens our ego,
it enables us to isolate reality from illusion.
As bitter as it may seem to our ears, it reminds us that crossing the bridge isn’t worth rejoycing ... that we’re on a journey, and all our efforts must be focused to the ultimate goal.

Sometimes, nobody recognizes your efforts, especially when you expect them to do so.

Nobody seems to care how hard you’ve strived,  … and if any og them cares,  its because they’re keen to pull back ‘competitors’… they’ll do everything to discourage you,  kill your spirit and carry the credit ….

You’ve got to carry the right ammunition to survive the journey.

-sound judgment

Are what you need …
Be courageous to receive feedback without allowing it to kill your spirit.

Have sound judgment to filter flatter from reality.

Keep your eyes fixed on the goal. No obstruction is worth your focus.


Am eagerly waiting for your feedback ... that's what keeps me going!! Take it positive.