A few years from now,  some of us shall be complainers while others shall be achievers.
Acheivers are known to be people who can articulate actions into their daily recipes.

The world has turned competitive,  with everything revolving around creation and innovation.

Am slowly learning that being successful isn’t dependent on invention! … success is brought about by one’s ability to innovate. Innovation is the ability to turn misfortunes to opportunities, and with the spirit of innovation comes satisfaction in life!

Being innovative scraps away all the victim mentality that might arise from low self esteem,  because, you’ll learn to accept the real you, and thus focus on your strength rather than weakness.

Your prosperity isn’t determined by avoiding what you can’t do, … but rather it’s dependant on translating your thoughts about WHAT you can do to physical actions.

In my previous post,  i made it clear that nothing is impossible if you capitalize on your abilities rather than lamenting on your imperfections!…

It’s very true but one aspect that fuels it all is ACTION.

By now you should have noticed that passion without action is illusion!
Despite of identifying your abilities, believing in them and trusting that you can do it all, … YOU need to act,  because with action comes motivation.

The ability to take a step in the right direction is enhencing your ability to catch up with your goals. This brings self motivation,  self trust and further elavates your morale to dive against the turbulence of discouragements, critisism, and fear! … because your heart shall be singing the soothing song that “Everything is possible”….

One thing that really kills us is self doubt! Being worried about our skills. … but why???
yet you are the master of yourself!! 

You’re entitled to make the best of you, and manifest it before the world!  You’re entitled to making a brand out of yourself!  In this global village,  information is all around us,  and this is our power!!  The power to develop skill! … yet we distrust our skills!!

Doubts are always identified with incompetencies associated with lack of integrity … the mismanagement of all resources around you!
Skill comes from ability to learn, .. questioning every aspect along your path!

If sbody knows more than you, you’ll never be better than them.

The good thing with life is that it always provides a chance to recreate your vision and rejuvenate your power.
Its never too late until you accept that you’re late!
…but never accept that you are, until you get what you want. That’s the spirit of a winner! You never Quit!

Forgetting the frustrations of yesterday and focusing on the expectations of tomorrow!…because tomorrow is must be better than yesterday .


Remember that the more anger of the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving the present…and the further your vision gets blurred!
It’s true that
hard work always beat talent if the talent doesn’t work hard….
If you can’t control what you think, you will not be able to control what you do…

It’s time to rejuvenate and be who you want to be. Create an original brand of the real you and inspire more… alot of us are looking up to you! Go for it.!