I take engineering not because somebody says i can but because i know i can.

I’ve made a decision not to spend my entire life moarning my weakness because i found more reason perfecting my strengths…
Its a thought that has been hanging around till i found reason in it.

Many of us spend the better part of our life,  trying to perfect our illusionary  imperfections. .. but i tend to believe that our imperfections often never work against us! They always work for us!

Just take a moment and think of anything around you,  people,  animals and even the inventions of man! Take a deep sense to feel what they make you feel …  You like them? …

Looking around,  i see amazing creations. Who said they’re imperfect! 
In this world,  imperfections are what we see when we struggle so much to seek excuses and justification for our laziness in accomplishing our goals. 
When you just don’t feel like,  you just say you’re unable!


We struggle teaching ourselves to be losers rather than just letting the star in us to glow and project the beauty of our light to the world!

Why don’t we think of diversity rather than imperfections!!?

For instance, why take academic knowledge as a measure of wisdom?
That without education you’re doomed!  Why think that a degree in engineering is better than leisure management?

Who said getting those poor grades is failure?  It only implies you’re much better without them!
Its amazing that in this world,  knowledge only makes you relevant to the trends of the world but wisdom sets the trends of the world!

I’m always amazed by what i see,  a very talented footballer,  musician, innovator, writer … all performing poorly in class!  Not surprised at all.
BUT what suddens me is when all this massive talent goes to waste!!!! Because they can’t trust their abilities and develop their strength rather than trying to outwash their disabilities!

When we mind about what people want of us,  we forget what our hearts and brains can take.  We end up doing things not because we can but because you won’t trust that we’re perfect with our abilities!

Think of the renounced leaders of the world,  wheather political or innovatiors,  they always act as if they’re perfect. And they seem perfect because they’re manifesting their capabilities which obviously outshines their weakness!   You can also do it!

Maybe we lost our sense of self confidence and natured self despise in the quest for civilization,
to the extent of believing that there exists super human beings,who set standards,   whom all of us struggle to emulate. 

Unknowingly,  we’ve killed our confidence believing there’s better ones to take up our opportunity. We recoil and retreat back,  allowing those whom we believe deserve better than us to take up our rightful positions! Why? .. why put yourself in that awkward position where you only think that the whole world is against you? And all you do is lament and curse yourself as you clear your path off opportunities and piling up blocks to keep out others from reaching out to you?

Always keep in mind that you are perfect in your circumstances, because its out of your inabilities that you shall nature abilities. And that inabilities serve as guardrails along your ability path,  so you can speed up to success without fears of veering off the road! 


Always remember that you are entitled to your well deserved opportunities. Don’t be scared by the the expectations of the world and forget your destiny,  coz with believe,  you’ll be the brand with which all shall be guaged.
If you cared what everyone else thought, you’d be just like everyone else, and there’s already too many of them…


Electronics is my passion and strength, DO YOU KNOW YOURS???