Who NEVER wants success?
who ever pursues failure?
Who NEVER wants to grow?


Success is everyone’s wish.

Its good not to be content and wait to see what will happen,
Rather,  we should  give ourselves the determination to make the right things happen.

It’s a common saying that winners make things happen while losers let things happen.
With totality,  I’ve come to agree to this
But still,  i tend to believe that success is all around us. Actually,  yourself is a manifestation of success. …

I know many might want to disagree but it’s the absolute truth.
Many of us fail because we just decide not to pick up the right keys to success .
In a world of possibilities,  we only decide to count the scarce impossibilities and force ourselves to believe that its all that covers the world.
By developing this believe, we create a mental barrier, that makes our vision blurred and we end up letting go the beautiful vision that has kept us moving this far.

You’re whom you think you are… and your actions shall be limited by your thoughts!

Once you believe in impossibilities,  subconsciously, you begin working against your self.  You begin seeing more and more impossibilities and after of all these,  failure comes in a big way!

Impossibilities are what we see when our eyes lose focus on the goal
. But with eyes fixed on the goal,  the occasional stumbles and falls only serve to make the journey worth looking back at and feel a conquerer.

How can we realize that success is what surrounds us?

Here is a brief analogy.

over years,  I’ve been having a dream! To be a PASSIONATE  engineer.
It’s been this dream that has fueled me. Ive learnt to believe that this is a world of possibilities.A world where the only measure is me, that i can’t be as smart as any other person, because am the pace setter. That it’s not about what others have done, but WHAT ill do.
and these shall only come if I’ll be doing what am able to do!

Your vision will become clear only when you can look deep into your own heart…. and appreciate your capabilities.

Because it’s from your heart that you shall develop affection towards success.
if you develop affection towards your capabilities, you nature them to physical abilities. And each of this abilities are what entails success!

success is all about abilities!

You’re not capable because you’re learned, nor are you capable because of the pressures and lust for success!

You’re only capable because you KNOW YOU ARE.

So you’re a successful person because you know your capabilities.! And above all you pursue what your capabilities dictate.

Don’t measure your success by what other people define you!

It’ll only serve to kill you if you dare engange in a competition when you truly know it’s not within your abilities.

Imagine bill gates,  a computer scientist quiting his brilliant innovations for professional football… or
Usain Bolt, the world record holder sprinter become a doctor!

Am just trying to ask,
Why engage in a competition when you know you better fit somewhere else?
it’ll only serve to demean and demoralize you upon the ever expectant eyes of the world!

Don’t lose yourself while trying to fit into the competition of these world.

Make others’ impossibilities a possibility by standing up to what your abilities dictate.

But still keep in mind that passion shall dictate the intensity of your action!