Even the old car has more value than you think. Its a treasure

Attitudes are based on assumptions.

Kurt Vonnegut once said that
We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful
about what we pretend to be.

Attitudes define us.
Whether they’re acquired out of mundane impressions that we make or what we make of others impressions.

At individual level, attitude shapes us. Its our most confidant bit, to whom failure or success is dependant.
Attitude shapes your thinking, passions, actions, and better off,  it serves as the best, and otherwise the only source of encouragement when everything is haywire!

My inspiration comes from the great words of my mentor, Mahatma Gandhi.
I tell you,
Keep your thoughts
positive because
your thoughts
become your
words. Keep your
words positive
because your
words become
your behavior.
Keep your
behavior positive
because your
behavior becomes
your habits. Keep
your habits
positive because
your habits
become your
values. Keep your
values positive
because your
values become
your destiny.

Mess up with your thoughts and your destiny shall be doomed!

I love listening to the song,  “when the going gets tough”,
And indeed as Billy Ocean puts it,  the tough get going. Even when the going gets rough,  they still do their thing right. Moving on.
… but what keeps  them on the move?
In the quest to understanding this, i sought to research.
surprisingly, my conclusion was such an eye opener.
That behind all the go getters, the high spirited,  and great achievers lies a strong believe,  firmly founded not on factual life aspects but on self created assumptions and impressions to sooth their souls even when everyone else is being swept by the hurricane of dream stealers.
This believes give rise to appreciable self assurence and further triggers sprouting of great life attributes. It’s out of these strong  believe that consise decisions are made without fear of failure, discrimination or critics’ hard talk.


All this is attitude….
and its out of this that i define attitude as the strongest believe in ones mind,  firmly founded on one’s conscious assumptions and impression intentionally made to illicit positive jugdement about ones self and his /her surrounding.

Yeah …. positive judgement i mean. May be i should ask,  how many of us can proudly say that our negative judgment gave us a boost kick  up the ladder? …

One thing for sure is that negative judgement, solely emanating from wrong attitudes fuels us down towards doom.

How do we find ourselves with  this bad attitudes? Its a question that lingers in any readers mind. But here is the source.

All people complain wherever they’re unpleased .but we don’t expect to be thrilled by everything all the time.

It’s the first perception that shapes your attitude. If you decide to only focus your eyes on the wrong,  you’ll see everything wrong about everything ….
Remember that while you’re busy lamenting on the unpleasant side of something,   somebody has accepted the positivity in it, and already using your laments to better it! …

With positive attitude,  you’ll learn and accept that nothing is perfect in this world,  you’ll accept that you’re not perfect either.
And that for every impafection lies an outstanding perfect  imperfection that suits your imperfection!

This shall motivate you to seek assistance without ambiguity or bias. Further,  you’ll learn to accept everybody and its out of your attitude that acceptance shall be reciprocated to you!

Think of this, 
You can complain
because rose
bushes have
thorns, or rejoice
because thorn
bushes have roses.

It’s all upon you
make a decision.