Brian Bosire Onyi

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents, or coincidences. No, but rather it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite sublime plan……
But how often do you stay faithful to your plan?

We always dream but most of us turn our dreams into mere illusions due to lack of what i call the PPCCP of success.


Having a dream amounts to nothing unless its well projected to the world for the very able to chip in.

You can agree with me that, nobody can realize their dream by individual effort. We all need support, be it moral or financial. 

Most of us, the youth, have dreams that could shake the world…
But we end up under the spell of the dream Stealers, where all possibilities turn impossible.!

This results from lack of courage. With courage, you develop self assuarence. You become a go getter knowing that despite all paths seeming shut, scary and impassable, you can still create one for the sake of achieving your goal.


Successful people are those who knocked the most feared doors. Its out of this that they learnt to confront the fierce wild jungle. Instead of being scared, they saw new opportunity,they got more assured that indeed its such a virgin land in the jungle that the soils are still young and fertile to support numerous lifes for centuries.
… unfortunately most of us never want to be the pioneers of opportunities. We tend to follow an already formulated path which leads us to the overgrazed barren land where all grazers are fighting for mere survival!-with no room for growth. Our dreams become stunted and we die off …

Successful people Ask, ask and ask, bacause if you don’t,  nobody will know that you need.
And when you receive,be appreciative and accountable ….remember integrity is key!


Being persistently consistent with your dreams keeps you up on toes…you’ll learn that very few will accept your ways, because they seem unrealistic,
… let that be your motivation by the fact that its unique. 

Reject Rejection by all means. Rejection serves to counter the lowly esteemed and un-assured lot from procession.

The courageous never internalize rejection. They see it as criticism that is a crucial abrasive to Polish up their dreams. And they always emerge shiny and cleaner and more acceptable to all the rejectors.


Recently i met a friend and among all we could share, one thing came out, that the path to success is absolute war! With oppornents raging  with numbers and all sorts of weaponry. How prepared are you? 
Most of us are cought up un-aware and we tend to gang up in groups to gather synagy and courage to face the enemy .

But all that is nothing if you’re prepared with the right armaments. Am talking of Courage, Patience, Persistence, Consistency and above all Passion in what you do.
like a passionate soldier, death is never a trigger of fear, instead it’s a reason for winning the war.

So lets pursue our dream passionately, Courageously, persistently, Consistently and believe me,  no challenge will be reason to quit,
instead all challenges shall be reason to conquer, and pioneer!

… ready? … now take up your dream and take control of your destiny NOW!!!