The heart of the timid will fear ….eventually  it’ll die…

The mind of an idiot will fear for tomorrow and forget living today,  not knowing that its out of today that tomorrow shall be founded.

There’s no way you’ll overcome your fears if you spend more time trembling with anxiety than gaining courage by building on your strengths to conquer your fears!

Am meant to understand that a hen never stops laying eggs for fear of the egg being an omelette! …
it’s such a mentality that successful people follow!

Doing things to their utmost capacity not minding of the challenges of tomorrow!

living life to the fullest each moment they have a chance.
providing solutions by demand not by anticipation, and it’s through this that they never see a cloud of unsolvable problems … they only see prototypes of minute common life challenges that keep them at toes!

With your fears for tomorrow, how do you focus today?

Yeah…, being fearful is being cautious .that’s great but when you allow caution to control your actions, then you’re bound to stick within the already defined  “safe” limits … not knowing that the pacesetters risked beyond the limits to create a whole new path!

Thus  For a meaningful life to be worthwhile, you’ve got to think beyond comfort,
You got to pursue excellence not just  success!
Because Excellence has an indefinite end, with you as the soul determinant of your destiny.
…but success is limited to being just ahead of your competitors and not necessarily at the peak of your abilities!

…and all these are choices we ought to make. Any wrong move leads us to vulnerability.
It’s upon you and me to determine who’s gonna be a master or slave!!

Life is full of challenges, don’t make happiness one of them.