People imitate, do things by lack of information, end up being identified with wrong unprecedented groups and eventually become part of them!

As youths, we’re aggressive, ready to try new things in a new way, very ready to create new paths that make us unique.

It’s a good thing to be a youth.

Youths find comfort working in groups because of the mob psychology which plays an important role in sparking up synagy to do things beyond individual capabilities!

This is great but if the extra ordinary energy is directed to the wrong cause,  the society is doomed to fail!

And as bad as the world has become,  we tend to be egoistic on positive developmental attributes but abnormaly unstingy on destructive aspects of humanity.

As youths,  this has placed in an awkward situation, where the bad is trendy!  Immorality is trendy, smoking ‘weed’, unsafe drinking habits, …. where everything is ‘just okay’!

… unfortunately, once we engage in all this trendies, all our eyes become fogged up and we severely lose direction.  Our image deteriorates and we willingly crucify our self esteem.!

We end up being playfields for the innovative because our loyalty to the trendies is irrevocable!


Because … That snake tatoo on your back becomes your gate pass to all more trendier ‘goodies’ – which are merely glorified evil!…

Those red eyes and staggers in your moves become the membership identity to the ‘untouchables and mighty …


And you feel high seemingly forever. Not knowing that you’re wasting away and graciously propagating the glorification of the senseless ill reputed anti-human gangs .

So let’s be keen and retain sanity when taking up positions in the upsurges of trendy moves in the world.

let’s not be dragged into the sweet fantasies of evil minded grouping which outrightly spell doom but Waring attractive faces!

Lets learn to trust our decisions to take us to ‘heaven’ rather than seeking misguided popular stands!

Because  an independent mind is an innovative mind and A dependant mind is the playfield of losers  “