By Brian Bosire Onyi


Even the bravest men on earth are afraid of one thing. Making  decisions.

Decision making is more of risk taking… but being afraid won’t help. Especially when you realize you’re long into a wrong direction and something, or actually everything has got to change.


Decisions define your course

I always get uneasy, seeing fellow youth following the path to vulnerability when i know that indeed, a better option exists.

And as far as i know ,  the problem  underlies quest to seek recognition and  uniqueness .

That’s great but wherever irresponsibility sets in,  we are bound to making hurried, unthinkable decision in the midist of a vehement hurricane!…
am talking of peer pressure, anxiety and tension !

My friend once told me that if you comfortably make a decision, be sure it’s the wrong one.
But if you find it mind bumbling , you’ll have to make lot’s of consideration that are crucial for future validity of your decision.

Irresponsibility comes with a great share of self despise and kills self esteem …. but unknowingly,  we work tirelessly towards this wrong course! … not knowing that it’s out of irresponsibility that we ruin our trust and credibility amongst our most confidants!

I’ve always said that we dictate the people around us the standard they wanna treat us with… that we’re the creators of our public images and perceptions.

Imagine you…,  drinking all day, at the ‘muguka base’ harbivoroisly chewing miraa and smoking bhang, eyes turning red and wet and resenting senseless sentiments all day! 
… and wherever people treat you as you ‘deserve’, you cry of disrespect!
… and the perceived disrespect sips into your mind,  you begin disrespecting those ‘disrespect’ you and disrespect, low self esteem and hatred is what you get. Eventually you’re ruined!

Decisions are all about what you think, either consciously our subconsciously.

U may believe that u r responsible for what u do, but not for what u think. The truth is that u r responsible for what u think, because it is only at this level that u can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think….

Responsibility arises from a consistent, conscious and concise training of your mind to think along constructive paths… and this can only be gotten right, right away, by you following the very basic human principles.

Stay positive,  look positive,  show people your reliability and what you can do… and more often show them that you need them too.

believe me… respect will follow you wherever you’ll be!
recognition shall always be a part of you!
and prosperity shall be a guarantee.

Now let’s practice it!

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