Life must alway be determined by Change.

I often said that with everything inconsistent change is ever constant.

I know that  We hold on to things the tightest, when we are forced to let them go
– we always want things a certain way, when we know they can’t be so…

Contrally, we ought to learn taking up new risks because we acknowledge that Change is innevitable.We ought to kick our imbecility and learn to grow!

Of couse we shall miss the sweet flattery comfort but,

For everything that you have missed, you have gained something else. It’s all about your outlook on life…

With new risks,  You can either regret OR be great!


Brian Bosire Onyi

Often many great people are all risk takers!  That means, probably,  a risk taker is a greatness taker!

One thing we the agents of change, shall never miss is criticism and worthwhile resistance.pain shall be inflicted ….

Yet, We have to be strong.
Because faith is greater than fear!

A strong person builds a foundation out of the stones that are thrown at them… We are almost building castles ….

And the keys to the castles and mansions shall be handed to the stone throwers!

It may seem sarcastic but when you stand for positive change,  the status quo are the gainers yet they’re persistently in denial!

But its out of our firm faith and persistence that they learn that,
Sometimes you just have to let go of things, not because you are giving up. But because you realize that it just cannot be and you deserve better…