By Brian Bosire Onyi


Am slowly coming to terms with the fact that people misunderstand and eventually misuse your kindness and humility.

When you become too kind and too selfless, people will take advantage of that against you!

Not knowing that they’re destroying the piller that supports their bridge to ever shaking success !

Over this Christmas holidays,  i decided to prove that. And it was an enhencement of my views!

Being humble is a God given virtue enhenced by kindness.

The intergration of the two results in a happy,  satisfying and meaningful living

With this,  you develop a life full of inspiration to many!

You become a candle, to light other people’s paths to success,…
You become a source of fire, from where all the other candles shall be lit.

You become a source of happiness to the moths and insects as they excitedly fly up and down around you,

Yet all you get is the inspiration to to keep burning and melting down for the sake of the many dependants around you!

But This is only an ideal situation.

The world, as it is now,  is so real. Full of people of all scope,  stingy to the extravagant, to the kind-hearted.
With scarcity at the extreme,  most of us lie in between. Sinusoidally fighting to stay relevant in matters of creating public perception and self creation.

Creating ourselves entails focusing on egoistic matters to improve our standards and create our brands.  … unfortunately,  this demands for deadly competition full of “step on their heads to pluck that fruit the share later to quench their pain! “

We end up hurting anyone  along our path we eventually ‘kill’ everyone.

Creating public perception, on the other hand dictates that one has to seek the hearts of others. Seeking to be likable and acceptable.
Some of us end up becoming dead desperate .we become vulnerable to being eaten by the aggressive self centred people! We end up being the stepping stone for others to climb!
and finally,  the world overwhelms us and we die off!

So,  as we struggle to stay relevant,  either materially or heartily, let’s embrace understanding, conformity and flexibility … to enable us to occasionally  leave the fierce  self-creation lifestyle to the Fairly compromising perception creation …
So that we can not only enhence individual development but also collective inter-individual and  economically viable relationships.